Conges Celebrates Earth Day by Giving Back

Can you believe that April 22nd marks the 50th anniversary of Earth day!? There are so many ways to help protect and restore our planet, from embracing personal cleanup/recycling habits or joining a virtual climate strike to shopping ethical, sustainable brands like those from Verte Luxe! A one-stop-shop for all your eco-conscious needs, Verte Luxe offers five pillars of Beauty, Fashion, Home, Wedding, and Life. Verte Luxe is always searching for new brands to bring into the mix with the most recent addition of Congés Fine Jewelry, a sustainable and environmentally conscious jewelry brand (seen in Cosmopolitan and W Magazine). Inspired by the French term for being “on holiday,” each Congés Fine Jewelry collection represents “a state of mind” incorporating Ancient Tradition and Beliefs. Deeply rooted with authenticity, and a free spirit with an eye for excellent design and abiding curiosity about the healing power of natural earth elements, Congés Founder Hasmig “Jasmine” Penna masterfully blends her two greatest passions in each and every piece.

Meticulously sourcing her materials, Penna brings her artistic vision to life by handcrafting beautifully versatile pieces purposefully designed to bring healing and the empowerment of full self-expression to the wearer. “My collections are all different, but also all the same,” explains Penna, “The power of each design is in the feeling it creates – every piece may mean something different to the wearer, but each symbolizes the unifying experiences and feelings we all share.”

Pendulum: Marqué Collection

To help give back, Penna donates pieces to local fundraisers for auction and will partner with organizations, like the Juvenile Diabetic Foundation, to raise money through the sale of specific items. The Congés founder also sets aside time each month to dedicate time and energy to local causes near and dear to her heart.

About Congés // KON-JEH // Fine Jewelry:Sustainable and environmentally conscious luxury, Congés Fine Jewelry accentuates the beauty of perspective through the energy of nature and power of thoughts. Made in the heart of Los Angeles with the highest attention to detail and respect for all materials, Congés only sources its precious metals, jewels, and stones from those who have a genuine love for what they do. Primarily never treated, Congés crystals are appreciated the world over for their unique, raw beauty and intrinsic value. The fine jewelry collection embodies the confluence of all forces and experiences of designer Hasmig “Jasmine” Penna’s life and helps enhance courage, self-awareness, discovery, and healing. Learn more at CongesLife.comand on Instagram @CongesLife.