Ankura Brand-Embrace Sustainability

Ankura is a Peruvian fashion brand that creates beautiful, hand-made and fair trade clothing, taking ethical fashion to the next level.  It’s not just fashion,  it is a movement. 

We love that Ankura takes inspiration from Peruvian street-style as well as runway shows, yet uses the natural elements from the Amazonian Rainforest, the Andes Mountains and the diverse landscapes and people of Peru. The silhouettes are simple and elegant and the color palate is smart, whimsical and fun.

The Viera Top

All of their materials are sustainably sourced and hand-made from local artisans of the country.

“From the high Andes of Peru comes Alpaca, a camelid with wool softer and more valuable than cashmere. The extensive farming lands alongside the Pacific Coast of Peru bring us Pima Cotton and organic cotton, a globally recognized fiber for its superior quality and comfort. The route of premium natural fiber.”

The Georgia Hand-Made Cotton Skirt

“As a responsible fashion brand, we choose to give back to the community and share our success with everyone involved in the making of our beautiful pieces, especially with those in need who work for a better future.”

“To ensure our path in Sustainable Fashion, Ankura functions following the Code of Practice provided by the World Fair Trade Organization”.- Ankura

Handmade Cantagallo Bracelets

Shop Ankura Today and know that you are doing something right for ethical, sustainable fashion!

The Olivia Cardigan

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