How to DIY Spring Runway Trends

Save Money (and the Planet) With These Easy DIY Hacks

Spring is just around the corner – and so is New York Fashion Week! Starting February 6th, the globally-attended, week-long sequence of events will showcase the best and brightest elements of 2020 fashion. And, in eager anticipation, we’re putting together a short list of the hottest projected trends for Spring 2020 with one fabulous twist: we’re going DIY. Unlike the designer styles you’ll see on the runways, each of these trends can be thrown together without breaking the bank (or buying into the fast-fashion frenzy) – and you’ll still look like a million bucks. Here are our favorite, easy DIY spring runway trends:

Oversized Blazers


According to Leonie of The Style Insider, this year “everything is going bigger, bolder, and more oversized.” As a result, fashion is getting more comfortable and easy to thrift – particularly, the blazer. Usually, you can find a large collection of men’s blazers at any thrift or consignment shop and simply tailor the sleeves (if necessary). Layer over the season’s bralette or tank top trend and pair with hot pants or Bermuda shorts. 

Pleated Everything


If you really got on board with last fall’s pleated midi-skirt trend, you’re in luck: they are still one of the hottest styles for spring. Pair with a tank top and oversized blazer or even a simple thrifted T-shirt and tennis shoes. 

Tank Tops


So, this trend seems pretty basic, but even classic white tank tops are going wild and crazy this year with short, midriff-baring and racer-front styles. The good news? You probably have a few tank tops already on-hand, which you can quickly and easily DIY to a short style… or leave as-is and pair with an edgy trench coat. Even those classic “Eminem-style” ribbed white tanks are welcome at the party.

Hot Pants


Essentially REALLY short shorts, these can be tailored to your figure from virtually any pair of pants – an old pair of jeans you no longer wear, a pair of houndstooth slacks you find at a thrift store… the world is your oyster. Pair with an oversized blazer or trench for added shape and comfort.  

Hi-Low Style


This trend is probably one of the easiest to DIY from pieces already in your closet. Think floral silk shirt with slouchy Bermuda shorts. Midi-dress with running shoes. Denim culottes with a tank top or fitted tee. The key is to balance high-style with street-style for an eye-popping, unique combination that shines. 

For more details on how to wear the hottest spring styles, check out this video from The Style Insider. Curious how to shop for 2020 trends more sustainably? Check out our article about conscious fashion (and why what you buy matters).