Give Some, Get Some…Reformation and Thred Up’s cool collaboration

Almost any fashionista in the eco-friendly space has heard of the sustainable fashion brand, Reformation. Reformation proudly puts eco-conscious efforts at the forefront of their business. They invest in green building infrastructures, show buyers an environmental footprint for every garment listed on the site, and they provide a quarterly sustainability report to all who are on their mailing list. The goal is to become a zero waste company by recycling, composting organic wastes, and repurposing or donating their textile waste whenever possible.

The Nebraska Dress from Reformation. Photo Courtesy Reformation

The new great thing that Reformation has done is to partner with the largest online consignment and thrift store, Thred Up. Thred Up allows members to buy and sell gently used clothing online and recycles any pieces that are not chosen to sell. By ordering a kit, you are able to fill the reusable bag with clothing, shoes and accessories, send it into Thred Up by dropping off at any Fed Ex or UPS location and earn cash or credits for the accepted items.

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The collaboration between Reformation and Thred Up will give shopping credits toward future Reformation purchases for any items that Thred Up accepts. This is the epitome of circular fashion. Give some, Get Some and Get it from a sustainable brand! For More Information, go to:

The Simi Dress from Reformation. Photo courtesy Reformation