The Healing Properties of So Well Fair Trade Himalayan Salt Lamps

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Have you ever experienced the amazing healing properties of Himalayan Salt Lamps? If not, then you should!   The negative ions that are released when the salt is heated pose many positive benefits to the body and soul.  We love So Well Fair Trade Himalayan Salt Lamps because they are eco-friendly, sustainably created, fair mined and handmade from ancient salt crystals by skilled artisans in Pakistan.

Healing Benefits of Salt Lamps include:

Increased Blood Flow

Improved Sleep

Increased levels of Serotonin in the brain which helps to keep you Calm and Happy

The healing energy of these lamps helps the body and mind in so many ways

Better Mood

Reduced Stress

Increased Performance Levels

Air Purification for Decreased Allergy and Sinus Issues

Calm Energy

I mean, who doesn’t want to feel good, have a great sleep and be in a better mood all of the time?!  (We certainly do!)

These beauties are hand made by skilled artisans and are sitting on sustainably grown Neem wood coasters

We love So Well’s motto:  “Inspired by the simple beauty of nature, we create natural products that are beautifully simple”.

–So Well Represents the Highest Standard in Fair Trade Agreements

Thus, you can now rest assured that you know what it means to the planet to purchase Fair Trade Himalayan Salt products. In some parts of the world, Himalayan salt is mined using child labor in horrendous conditions, for almost no pay. (SoWell) Himalayan salt comes only through ethical and sustainable sources via the highest standards in Fair Trade Agreements that ensure that the mines hire only adults, use environmentally sustainable means; and So Well makes sure that our skilled artisans and craftsmen that carve our lovely Himalayan salt lights for example, or fashion the wooden bases from sustainable wood, or create our lovely Himalayan salt pendants wrapped in copper or silver—that these artists are cared for, that their families are cared for, and that their environment is safe so that generations of miners can continue to thrive just as their mothers and fathers did. This is the So Well way.