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Ananda Soul is an ethically produced jewelry company based in Ubud, Bali.

While they love creating unique bohemian designs that make women feel special, the most important driving force behind their work is their passion for sustainable and ethical production.

Creating beautiful jewelry isn’t enough for them in that process. Yes, the Ananda Soul team wants you to feel beautiful when wearing their creations. But they also want to empower you to make buying decisions that have a positive impact on the planet and other people.

Ananda Soul encourages people to start questioning what goes on behind the scenes of the products they buy. The founder and owner of Ananda Soul puts an enormous amount of energy into the way her employees are treated, ensuring that they get paid a fair salary and lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. She also does everything in her power to work with recycled, sustainable and low-impact materials, reducing their footprint to the lowest possible.

Ananda Soul is the lovechild of Christina Zipperlen, who never in her wildest dreams thought she’d end up in the role herself a businesswoman but rather in her familiar roles of a designer, artist, writer, and yogi. She grew up in Germany, and she was raised with a good dose of questioning the status quo and the “truths” we are faced with. Her mother’s passing when she was 18 inspired her to travel the world and after years in Hawaii, Spain, and Australia, she has settled in Bali, where she lives with her partner and their dog, Hero.

Her focus is to share her own encounters with spirituality, the deeper meaning of life and overcoming body image issues with other women. In 2008, Ananda Soul was born as the result of her expression of those values in form of wearable art. Christina’s biggest passions are running this company in the most ethical ways, writing, dancing, and celebrating life. Her mission is to remind women of their innate beauty, shift negative ideas around body image, and to help inspire conscious consumerism through sustainable fashion.

Our future lies in the children and in the women who birth them – hence Christina is committed to creating a brand that supports the women and children in the community where she produces and creates her products.  For the past five years, Ananda Soul has been working with underprivileged mothers of street children in Bali.  By employing these mothers, their children are able to go to school – thus interrupting the cycle of poverty.

May you feel the blessings and intentions when wearing Ananda Soul jewelry, while feeling 108% good about your impact on the planet and the people who made it.

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Ananda Soul
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