Feel good eco-beauty to help you relax

We are lucky to be in the business of helping our readers feel good.  When life puts you in stressful situations, try these eco-beauty products for soft skin, refreshed senses, and a great night’s sleep!

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On Board Organic Body Lotion: This limited ingredient skincare company makes the perfect lotions and potions for sensitive, allergy prone skin.  We love that all of their packaging is exclusively travel sized and has zero amount of plastic packaging.  All products are proudly handmade in LA and sold at local farmers markets and online.  The body lotions are a “balmy, organic blend of coconut oil, beeswax, shea butter, vitamin e, and LOVE. 

Beach Bliss captures the essence of lazy days at the pool and brings you right back to those summer days

Thesis Eye Serum “Lullabies for my Eyes”:  We love this antioxidant-rich eye serum.  Providing hydrating, soothing and nourishing benefits the fragile skin around the eyes for feel good, well-rested look. A combo of all natural oils and non-GMO vitamin E, with most ingredients being raw, food grade, there is nothing synthetic in the blends.  Made from Organic Ingredients • Gluten-free • Non-GMO • Preservative-free • Vegan • Hypoallergenic • Made from U.S and Imported materials.

Dab a little bit of this serum gently around your eyes and get ready to wake up truly refreshed

Aura Cacia 100% Pure Essential Eucalyptus Oil:  This exhilarating essential oil is perfect for a natural pick me up throughout the day. Dab on your pulse points or add water and make into a spray.  This oil is better than caffeine!  All of Aura Cacia’s ingredients are sustainably sourced from small batch growing techniques around the world.  No synthetic fragrances, tested for purity, not tested on animals, paraben and petroleum free and 100% pure.  Aura Cacia is proud to be part of the Positive Change Project, their annual grant program that supports organizations helping women and girls transform their lives.

Dab this pure eucalyptus oil on your pressure points to help to energize you throughout your day

Sallye Ander 100% Handmade, Hypoallergenic Soaps:  These soaps not only smell incredible, but they also feel amazing on your skin.  We love that every product that they make is created without the use of artificial chemicals or synthetic ingredients.  They use pure, edible ingredients to make some of the best soaps out there.  Never tested on animals, no coconut or palm oils and only natural goodness.  We also love their simple brown bag packaging…again, no plastics allowed!

These soaps not only smell amazing, but they feel like cream on your skin

Light Body Creations Moonlight Body Spray: These metaphysical high vibrational body mists are created to increase focus, refresh your spirit, to open the mind and body for meditation, wellness, and restful sleep.  Spray on your sheets and pillow right before laying down to help you relax into a blissful sleep.  With essences of Jasmine, Lavender, Tuberose, Chamomile, Clary Sage and Black Pepper, use it anytime you need to relax.  All of their mists are created in LA and are bottled in Miron Violet Glass for pure preservation of light energy and frequency. 

Mist over your sheets and in the bedroom for a peaceful sleep