Last Minute Holiday Eco-Gift Guide

Written by Alexa Smith

Christmas is just days away—can you believe it? Where did this year go? And, if your year was anything like mine, procrastination has been real in 2018. But, not to fret! Not to worry! We’ve. Got. You. Covered….Again.

The holidays are a conflicting time, we agree. You want to show the ones you love that you care, but not buy them just any old thing that will probably end up in a landfill, but something they want, need and will appreciate. The true cost of Christmas is astronomical. Think of the energy spent on lights, the fuel burned with each trip to the mall or grocery store, and don’t even get me started on wrapping paper. Each holiday season, between Thanksgiving and the New Year, an estimated 25 million tons of waste is produced, and the amount of wrapping paper used and thrown away is enough to go around the Earth nine times!

If you are going to wrap your gifts, please think about plantable seed paper or recycled paper from past years.

Our top recommendations are not things, but experiences. Beautiful, package-free experiences that can be shared and never thrown away. If you do end up going the ‘thing’ route, we encourage you to choose something that lasts, is battery-less and preferably has an environmental message, like canvas tote bags, a refillable thermos or water bottle, or something made from recycled materials. But, for the love of God, let’s ditch the wrapping paper this year, and every year for that matter. Wrap your gifts in something reusable, like a newspaper, old posters or even old maps. You can always dress it up with bows, flowers, bells or pine for a nicer presentation. Other options include carefully unwrapping and saving the paper for next year, or, our personal favorite, handmade fabric gift bags that can be swapped and shared between families for future reuse.

So, fellow procrastinators and eco-enthusiasts, take a look at this list of low-waste, last-minute gift ideas, and let’s make this Christmas a sustainable one!

Tickets: concerts, sporting events, museums, theater performances

Subscription or Membership: magazine, Audible, Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, gyms, yoga studios, amusement parks, zoos, Bees Wrap reusable food wraps, bamboo toothbrush , toothpaste tablets , shave package  wine club, book club.

Lessons: music, dance, cooking, scuba, sewing, language, ceramics, painting

Gift Certificates: restaurants, favorite stores, massage, spa day, mani/pedi, movies

Personalized Gifts: photos, photo album, photo calendar, hand-written letter, drawing or painting, personal coupons

Homemade: candles, knit or crochet goods, jewelry, baked goods, salsas, pickled goods

These beautiful candles by Mojo Candle Co. are organic, toxin-free and use recycled wine bottles for their packaging.

Environmental: buy a star, plant a tree in their honor, donate to a charity in their name, plants

Organizations like help you to give the gift of trees.

Shop Local: art, ceramics, coffee, baked goods, chocolates, jewelry

Or simply, time together. The most precious gift is the time we spend together. So be present, and enjoy the comfort and company of the people you love.

Happy, healthy and eco-friendly holidays from Verte Luxe!