Bridesmaid Gifts Your Wedding Party Will Be Proud to Enjoy

Whether it is composed of your besties since kindergarten, your groom’s sisters, your employees or all three, the bridal party is a handpicked team of elite commandos who must band together in sworn duty to prep parties, oversee logistics and do damage control in order to achieve their objective: keep the bride sane and pampered. To complete the mission, your crack Bridesmaids unit has sacrificed copious amounts of time, brain cells and cash to help you! Return the love with these presents that show that “beautiful” can go hand in hand with “responsible.”

 Custom Jewelry by Julia Szendrei

San Francisco artist Julia Szendrei’s one-of-a-kind, custom-made pieces are ethically sourced and sustainably made in the USA. Contact her directly and she will help you create a design that speaks to the spirit of your unique support crew.


Handmade Jewelry by Julia Szendrei


Organic Ambaa Scarves by Ananda Soul Creations 

Your bridesmaids can use these long, flowing, naturally dyed beauties as a wrap on the wedding day. Ananda Soul traces the production of their scarves to guarantee they are ethically sourced and created by workers earning a fair wage for their skills. The certified organic cotton and bamboo are dyed with plants such as Mango leaves for yellow and Secang wood for red. Proceeds go to helping underprivileged mothers in Bali find work.


Organic Aambaa Scarves by Ananda and Soul Creations

The Charlotte Clutch by Kayu Eco Designs 

Inspired by Southeast Asian styles, Kayu offers handcrafted pieces made with indigenous techniques by women artisan cooperatives in Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Striving to preserve cultural heritage, promote an ethical workplace and provide a living wage The company avoids mass production to ensure the highest quality of their goods. What’s more, their San Francisco location hires newly arrived immigrants at a fair wage and trains them!


The Charlotte Clutch by Kayu Eco Designs

Spa Day at Alchemie

This relaxation retreat in the sunny Santa Monica section of L.A. boasts a green-themed structural outlay: bamboo floors, sea grass–covered walls, cork flooring, recycled building materials and furniture components as well as a mix of natural and LED lighting. As the folks at Alchemie only work with eco-conscious skincare suppliers, products are always organic, fair-trade, cruelty-free and (whenever possible) vegan. East Coasters can check out New York City’s Hale organic salon (halesalon.com). These spas offer double Ahhhhhs.


Alchemie Spa, Santa Monica CA

Love Goodly Gift Boxes

It’s the give that keeps on gifting. A gift-box subscription from Love Goodly means discovering new socially conscious goodies every month, including beauty and skincare items, healthy snack foods and accessories for body and home. Proceeds for a range of the nontoxic, non-GMO and vegan products support causes such as farm-animal protection and cancer-prevention clinics.


Love Goodly Gift Boxes