Katabanko Couture Supports Love for All

To get to know Katabanko Couture, is to know owner, Colleen Bankovich. A huge hearted soul with a gorgeous eye for art and design, Colleen believes in true love for all. A proud supporter of the Equality Act and LGBTQ rights, Katabanko welcomes Brides, Grooms, and humans of all kinds to embrace their own unique beauty on their wedding day and every day. Check out this styled Disco Photo Shoot from Traveling Heart Productions featuring Katabanko Couture.

Katabanko Supporting Love for ALL

“If I had to describe my line I would think it is a collection with its roots in fine art, great poetry, great music and high fashion with couture craftsmanship. Made for people wanting something that reflects their own unique style, pieces for the modern bride (or groom) who has her own outlook and style that wants to take it into (their) wedding day”-Colleen Bankovich for Katabanko Couture