QYKSonic: Leading the Skincare Revolution with One Simple Device

We’ve all tried our fair share of facial cleansers; sometimes it seems like we must have tried them all. But, what if all along, it wasn’t the products, but the way we applied them? Some of the most innovative minds in the beauty industry have formulated complex, all-natural products, but still cannot penetrate the deepest layers of the skin for maximum effects. Together, innovator Rakesh Tammabuttula and Dr. Jaqueline Nguyen have teamed up to create QYKSonic to maximize the effects of skincare products on all skin types with the Zoe 3-in-1 device.

Together, Rakesh Tammabuttula and Dr. Jaqueline Nguyen have revolutionized skincare and the way we apply our beauty products with QYKSonic’s Zoe products.

Rakesh is an innovator and inventor, and Dr. J is a compounding pharmacist and the founder and creator of Dr. J’s Natural. Although a highly-developed and meticulously-crafted line of products, Dr. J found that she was still unable to leverage the benefits of her products with just her hands.

“A lot of us use our fingertips to cleanse our face, to apply moisturizers, to apply all of our favorite products, and we also spend a lot of money on those products,” said QYKSonic’s Executive Assistant Alexandra Aldana. “We found that most of the time the products get absorbed into our fingertips, and when we apply our cleansers with our fingers, the dirt, oil and bacteria residue from our fingers actually get transferred onto our face, and that’s what initially causes those unwanted breakouts or blemishes.”

A known innovator in the realm of technology-driven health and beauty solutions, Rakesh Tammabuttula was then approached with the task of designing and creating a new skincare device that gently applies and increases the effects of any beauty product: the Zoe.

The original Zoe

The Zoe sonic beauty device cleanses, massages and applies skincare products all with one simple device. The Zoe was created with innovative transdermal pulsation technology that vibrates at high speeds to thoroughly cleanse and exfoliate skin. The device itself is made with antimicrobial, medical-grade silicone and is shaped like a petal, with a narrow, rounded tip to reach every curve and crease.

“The material that we use is very crucial as it’s non-porous, it resists bacteria and it’s very easy to clean. There are other devices on the market that require replacement brush heads, but they’re similar to cleansing your face with a toothbrush. A lot of our users like the technology coupled with the material that we use, because they are really able to provide a deeper cleanse and exfoliation,” said Alexandra.

The Zoe products are used and admired by people of many ages, genders and skin types. From the beginning, the Zoe was always intended to be a product that could help anyone and everyone illuminate both their skin and self-confidence.

“Our products can be used by anyone of any age and anyone of any skin type or race. We really do try to enforce the message that beauty comes from the inside out,” said Alexandra.

The Zoe Luxx

A new line of Zoe products was just released earlier this year, providing supplementary cleansing technologies like heating and cooling functions, advanced pulsating technology and moisture sensors that you can sync to your smart device to track your skin’s health. The Zoe Bliss, Zoe Plus and Zoe Luxx are stronger, mightier products with more effective and personalized functions for healthier skin.

The Zoe cleansing devices limit the need for excess products and brush heads, apply your skincare products efficiently, effectively and gently, and can be used a minimum of 300 times per charge.

QYKSonic is passionate about making simplistic products with massive results. Ultimately, QYKSonic strives to enforce the message that real beauty comes from within, and they believe their products can enhance that inner beauty by helping you to embrace the skin you’re in.