The Noces Gives Back to Charities in Madagascar

We are incredibly proud to have partnered with The Noces. Founder, Holy, grew up watching Malagasy craftswomen create products with high quality materials like raffia, cotton and zebu leather. Her respect for these female artisans led her to create her own line of conscious bags and accessories that reflect the beauty of the Malagasy people making them.

Founder of the Noces, Holy

The Noces donates 5% of their annual profits to charities operating in Madagascar. By choosing to work with family owned businesses and having offices in Portugal and France, the company makes a commitment to promoting global fair trade practices. “By employing Malagasy people, we empower them and help ensure decent lives.”

Malagasy women weave eco-friendly raffia palm leaves into limited edition creations
Who made your clothes? Something to think about next time you go shopping

Each Noces item is made in limited quantities to ensure the highest quality standards. Materials such as eco-friendly raffia palm leaves are hand woven to create accessories and jewelry. With each bag and accessory being hand-made, they are truly unique to the buyer. This ensures for a high quality product that is the true alternative in a fast-fashion world.

The Noces gives back to the people who make their products