AmandaLouise Swimwear: Powerhouse Woman Inspires Strong, Powerful Women

Engineer-turned-swimsuit competitor-turned-mom provides the tools for self-confidence

Women represent beauty in its many forms; however, many women lack the confidence to share that beauty with the world. One woman found that confidence within herself and made it her mission to bring out the inner and outer beauty in others…with a swimsuit, a positive attitude and a podcast (or two).

Amanda Freick began competing as a bodybuilder in swimsuit competitions in 2013, and from 2014 to 2016, competed wearing her own swimsuits.

In 2013, Amanda Freick began her career as a bodybuilding swimsuit competitor. At the time, competing was an incredibly empowering outlet that, for Amanda, gave her strength and confidence. As a swimsuit competitor, naturally, the swimsuit is a very important component. When Amanda ordered her first competition suit, she was disappointed to say the least, and knew that she herself could create a better, higher-quality suit.

“I ordered one online, which was kind of a scary process, because you spend a lot of money to some company and pray that it fits and that it looks right. What I got back was good, it wasn’t great. I’d been sewing since I was little, and I thought, you know, I could make this better,” said AmandaLouise Swimwear Founder Amanda Freick.

With no formal design or fashion experience, only the lessons she learned from her mom and grandma, Amanda designed and created her own competition swimsuit.

“I ended up wearing it on stage and winning my class in my show in my suit. At that point I hadn’t really thought about it being a business yet. But I got a lot of compliments and people asked if I could make their suit!” said Amanda.

Amanda Louise with one of her clients, sporting a custom-made competition swimsuit, embellished with Swarovski crystals.
Photo: AmandaLouise – Competition Swimwear Facebook

Thus, AmandaLouise Swimwear launched in 2014 as a one-women designer and creator of competition swimwear. Amanda’s suits are all handmade with high-quality materials in small quantities in the United States. She works solely with US-based companies and uses sustainably-sourced Swarovski crystals in the creation of her higher-end competition suits.

“We’re making sure we’re getting quality materials and quality product out,” said Amanda. “We’re getting quality people to construct this, and we’re paying them well.”

AmandaLouise Swimwear now employs local women to handcraft their suits alongside Amanda, paying them higher-than-fair wages, and providing an empowering, female-driven work environment.

“I really believe in the transfer of energy and I want the energy that’s being put into these garments to be positive and love-filled, especially in the fitness competition suits, because they’re going into such a stressful environment. I want the women who wear them to know that they were crafted with love and crafted with care specifically for them.”

Amanda’s customers are her greatest priority, and she insists on a consultation with each one to ensure a custom swimsuit that makes you feel exactly like the beautiful, badass woman that you are!                                        

Amanda’s clients are her top priority, and she insists on a personal consultation with every one to make sure they all feel confident competing in her swimsuits.
Photo: AmandaLouise – Competition Swimwear Facebook

“I require every athlete to have a one-on-one consultation with me before I make their suit, and that’s because they’ve worked really really hard to step on that stage, and I want them to feel perfect in their suit. Plus, it’s really fun to meet the girls and see them and they can see me and see that I’m a real person who’s making their suit.”

In addition to AmandaLouise Swimwear, Amanda has two very serious day jobs: one as the director at an engineering firm and the other as a mom.

“By day I’m the youngest engineering director of a billion-dollar engineering firm, and at night, I sew swimwear in my living room. I think that if you have a dream and you have a passion, you have to follow it,” said Amanda. “I’m a big believer that you can be a multi-passionate person and that your job or degree doesn’t define you.”

AmandaLouise’s mission is to help women achieve their highest self—physically, mentally and spiritually. Amanda regularly hosts two podcasts dedicated to physical and spiritual health. In Confessions of a Fit Chick, she interviews women in and around the fitness industry, as well as psychologists, nutritionists and nurses to offer resources on how to be your healthiest self. She also hosts her own solo podcast, The Mindful Fit Chick, where she speaks to her personal experiences with physical, mental and spiritual health and offers pre-workout meditations.

Amanda and Gretchen Rossi recently partnered on a collaborative swimwear line, Gretchen Christine for AmandaLouise, driven by their mutual passion to empower women with custom-made-to-order swimsuits.

“It’s been very exciting and it’s amazing because it’s turned into so much more than just a swimwear brand,” said Amanda. “It really blossomed into a community and movement more than anything else.”

More recently, Amanda has shifted her focus toward casual swimwear and beachwear. In May, her swimwear was featured in the 2019 Issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, and over the course of the summer, Amanda will launch her collaborative lines with names like Gretchen Rossi and Lindsey Swartz. But, in all that she does, Amanda continues to be an inspiration for mothers, career women and all women everywhere.

“I want women to feel beautiful in their bodies, and if I’m able to help accentuate that with a piece of swimwear and put a smile on a woman’s face and give her some confidence then that’s plenty.”