How to Cleanse After Mineral Sunscreen

We love mineral-based sunscreens as an effective and, above all, safe method for keeping the ravages of sun damage at bay (for more on that, read this article we wrote on the subject). But, for anyone who has dabbled in the mineral sunscreen world, it becomes clear fairly quickly that you can’t simply wash it off with simple soap and water… there seems always to remain a thin film of residue that threatens to clog pores and leave skin feeling slightly cakey.

Until now… because we’ve discovered the double cleanse. Perfected by Korean women, who are known for their advanced methods of skincare, this approach is practically guaranteed to give you the fresh start of a clean face post-sunscreen. The idea behind it is that you’re not only clearing out the multiple layers of product on your skin – including moisturizer, sunscreen, and liquid or powder foundation – but you’re also powering away excess oils, dead skin cells, and other pore-clogging impurities for a clearer, brighter complexion.

Perfected by Korean women, known for their advanced approach to skincare, the double cleansing method is a multi-step way to optimize skin products.

While you are, essentially, just washing your face twice, there is a better way and a not-as-great way to go about doing it. In the first step, you’ll want to use a cleansing oil, such as this Awakening Cleansing Oil from Lau Botanicals. For those with oily skin already, fear not! Cleansing oils are actually your friend, grabbing the excess oils on the surface of your skin and rinsing clean with a warm, damp washcloth while creating a moisture barrier that helps you to maintain essential pH balance. 

An oil-based cleanser, like this one from Lau Botanicals, help to balance skin’s pH while clearing away dirt and grime.

Next, after most of the residual products and oils have been removed from your skin, you’ll use a non-oil based skin cleanser designed for your desired purposes – anti-aging, brightening, blemish clearing, etc.- like this Sea Foam Complete Facewash by Pacifica Beauty. Think of the first step in this process as picking up all the dirt and debris from the day, while the second step actually cleanses the surface underneath. 

Now, you’re officially clean and ready to continue your regimen, following up with a toner, serum, moisturizer, and/ or face cream. Want to know more about the double cleansing method? Check out this article on