Your Guide to Swoon-Worthy DIY Natural Summer Scents

Summer is a beautiful enigma. It’s a widely-beloved season with a culture and spirit all its own… which is exactly why it needs its own signature scent. And we’re not talking about a manufactured perfume, the likes of which often contain a combination of more than 300 harmful chemicals that don’t (legally) have to be disclosed.

Hmm… that gives us pause about the safety of these potentially-toxic artificial blends…

No, we’re talking about cooking up a delightful aroma of your very own in just minutes using a distinctive mix of all-natural essential oils with – side bonus! – a plethora of mental and emotional health benefits. Essential oils have long been praised for their 100% plant-based properties. A growing community of natural health seekers rely on them for a variety of benefits, such as balancing mood, banishing germs, and promoting better sleep. 

Naturally-derived essential oils are praised not only for their delectable aroma but also for their plant-based healing properties.

For these botanical blends, we recommend filling a reusable roll-on bottle with a carrier oil (such as Jojoba, Rose Hip Seed, Argan, or Tamanu oils) or filling a spray bottle with denatured alcohol and adding these essential oil blends (which, by the way, also make fabulous all-natural scents for the home):

For a touch of floral: 5 drops Geranium Oil + 10 drops Tangerine Oil

Delicate geranium gives this airy mix a light touch of floral.

For a touch of relaxation: 10 drops Lavender Oil + 5 drops Frankincense Oil + 5 drops Orange Oil

Sweet lavender calms the body and relaxes the mind.

For a touch of citrus: 6 drops Grapefruit Oil + 6 drops Sandalwood Oil + 6 drops Jasmine Oil

Pungent grapefruit tantalizes the senses and uplifts the mood in this citrus-based blend.

For a touch of desire: 12 drops Ylang-Ylang Oil + 8 drops Orange Oil

Familiar notes of orange mingle with tropical ylang ylang in this sensual blend.

Found an all-natural scent recipe you love? Share it with us below!