Sustainable Skincare Trends to Green Your Routine

Sustainable Skincare Trends Worth Trying

When it comes to skincare and beauty, 2020 is all about sustainability and making small changes that lead to big environmental impact. Still, developing a more eco-friendly beauty routine is about more than just the ingredients in your favorite facewash – it’s also about the long-term waste resulting from product packaging and “single-use” items. 

The good news? Today’s beauty industry offers exciting innovations designed to make skincare more effective and earth-friendly. This year, help reduce unnecessary waste by embracing sustainable skincare trends, including these five eco-beauty tools:

Stretch Your Products with ZOE


Made with ultra-safe, medical-grade silicone, the QYKSonic ZOE is the world’s only 3-in-1 transdermal, anti-microbial sonic beauty device for face and body. The ZOE provides top-notch exfoliation, which helps to achieve a smoother, clearer complexion. It also boosts sustainability by reducing the amount of product necessary to clean your face. As a result, your favorite face wash goes farther and lasts longer. Use the ZOE to save money and reduce waste – talk about a green routine!

Try Washing Without Soap

Using nothing but water, the Face Halo flawlessly removes makeup and dirt to reveal clean, healthy skin. This means that instead of a countertop filled with plastic bottles, you only need one simple, ergonomically-designed disc you can easily toss in the washing machine and re-use up to 200 times. Now that’s what we call sustainable. 

Embrace a Better Brush

EcoTools versatile makeup brush collection features cruelty-free, tree-free recycled materials, like renewable bamboo. Additionally, each brush is designed for easy everyday use and offered at affordable prices. What a (brush) stroke of genius!

Use Every Last Drop

We’re tired of actively ignoring the centimeter of lotion staring at us from that almost-empty-but-not-quite bottle on our bathroom counter. Because nobody feels great about tossing perfectly usable product – even if that product is impossible to reach. Every Drop Beauty Spatula to the rescue! This baby is built to access those hard-to-reach leftovers of your favorite face wash, lip gloss, lotions, and more. Plus, you can re-use the empty bottle when you’re done for an even greener approach you can truly feel good about. 

Reduce, Reuse, Refill


“The equivalent of 65 trash trucks per day of plastic waste reaches U.S. oceans via land, rivers, and coasts,” writes Independent Engineer Jan Dell on Now, Sud Source is doing something about it by offering luxurious, organic, eco-friendly body products in reusable containers that the company will gladly refill, either in-person or via US mail. What’s more, customers can even use their own containers, rather than using the refillable bottles available through Sud Source. Crafting everything from Face Cleansing Oil and Castile Body Soap to Body Butter and Moisturizing Shampoo, Sud Source is changing what it means to beautify sustainably.

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