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5 Sustainable Clothing Brands You Should Know About

Nothing feels better than putting on a new outfit that makes you feel like your most confident, best self. What makes that feeling even better is knowing that your favorite clothing items came from ethically sourced resources and sustainable materials. We know that it can be time-consuming to find eco-conscious clothing you love, so we’re taking the research out of the equation for you.

Below, we’re sharing five of our go-to sustainable fashion brands that offer an eco-friendly solution to your wardrobe.

Neu Nomads

From outerwear to athleisure and everything in between, this women-founded fashion brand offers beautiful wardrobe staples at attainable price points. Neu Nomads garments are sourced from a clean supply chain and arrive at your door in zero-waste packaging. “Together, we created a collection for women like us: global citizens, modern minimalist, and conscious consumers,” say the founders.


Sustainable, insanely soft, and downright stylish. It doesn’t get any better than that! Another female-founded clothing brand, Softwear creates comfortable athleisure styles sustainably and ethically with all materials 100% made in the USA and manufactured in Brooklyn.


Rentrayage is a fashion line designed “to mend [and] to make whole again.” It’s a forward-thinking upcycled luxury fashion and sustainable home décor brand that was born out of the concept of reimagining and reanimating what has already existed. It offers stunning and eccentric styles that are made for those who aren’t afraid to stand out.

Ash & Rose

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If you like classic, clean-looking clothing for the whole family, you’ll want to check out Ash & Rose. The ethical and sustainable fashion brand creates apparel, jewelry, and gifts that are specially curated for the modern romantic. It sources every collection from local and global brands that care about people and the planet while supporting independent designers and artisans.

LA Relaxed

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Loungewear that’s equally as cozy as it is eco-friendly? Yes, please! LA Relaxed clothing is ethically made in Los Angeles using only sustainable fabrics that are buttery soft on the skin. “We believe it should be a given that the clothes you put on your body won’t harm it, cause unnecessary damage to the Earth, or pain to the human being who made them,” says the LA Relaxed team. “We want our clothing to inspire authentic and intentional choices throughout the day.”

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