5 Closet Items for Countless Halloween Costume Ideas

We never turn down an opportunity to dress up, especially on one of the dressiest nights of all: Halloween. Every year, stores offer thousands of different halloween costume ideas for women. Instead of buying a single-use costume this year, consider dressing up some of your favorite pieces of clothing. With the right hair and makeup, there are many classic looks and characters to choose from right in your closet.

The Versatile Black Dress

Framiore ZOOV dress

When you’ve got nothing to wear, you can always count on a dependable black dress. You’ll find many halloween costume ideas for women are simply black dresses! Dress up Framiore’s LUNG Dress ($230) with pearls, long black gloves, and a tiara-pinned up-do for an iconic Audrey Hepburn. Framiore’s ZOOV dress ($345), which also comes in black, is similarly adaptable. Add a belt and some earrings for a classy workday look. Then, with a heavy smokey-eye and a bold red lip, you’re ready for your after-hours party as a fashionable twist on the classic witch or vampire queen. (Pointy hat or fake fangs optional!)

Sexy in Red

Want something more vibrant? Pull out your flowiest red dress and transform into a seductive Jessica Rabbit with purple eyeshadow and red lipstick. Contour a heart shape on your lips and don a gold crown or hairpin to “off some heads” as the Queen of Hearts. Or, throw on some red heels and dance the night away as everyone’s favorite Dancing Emoji!

Beach Babes

Bold Swim Hummingbird Monokini in Cloud White

Nothing turns heads like a sexy bodysuit. For that, you’ll love the variety of styles offered by Bold Swim. Their versatile suits are made to flatter any body type, whether by the pool or as a base layer. The super-soft amni eco soul fabric is breathable and toxin-free. Plus, there’s something very Marilyn Monroe about Bold Swim’s Hummingbird Monokini ($162.50) that we absolutely love.

The Noces Fiona Bucket Bag

Any of Bold Swim’s designs pair great with a Noces handbag, hand-woven from all-natural materials. They come in a variety of sizes, too! From the Baby Tina Clutch ($80) to the Fiona Bucket Bag ($127), you’ll be able to fit everything necessary for a night of Halloween fun.

Don’t Underestimate the White Blouse

eco-conscious halloween
Framiore LUV Blouse

Sometimes, simple is best. A humble white blouse or button-down, like the versatile LUV Blouse from Framiore ($195), can quickly turn into a costume. Relive the early 2000’s schoolgirl heydays by pairing it with a pleated skirt and cardigan or get into some risky business with just a loosely-fitted tie.

Turn Heads with Jewels

Conges Third Eye Charm

When the Halloween costume ideas just aren’t good enough, pile on the jewelry! Conges jewelry embraces freedom and empowers women to self-express. After all, why wear a costume when you can just be yourself? Personalize their Third Eye Charm ($895) and Scarab Ring ($1,100) collections with a variety of stones, so you can dress to impress every day of the year.

We’re all about repurposing our more comfortable and eco-friendly outfits as costumes for our favorite candy-coated holiday. What look will you pull out of your closet this Halloween?