Designer Vintage for the Eco-Fashionista

As a Costume Designer, I am obsessed with good vintage. I love the quality of the construction, I love the history and I love finding that unique piece that no one else has. The best part about shopping vintage is that it is an eco-conscious and ethical practice that we should all get behind.

Vintage is the “antithesis of throwaway fashion, being rare, covetable and trendable” (source, the Guardian)

Buying vintage keeps clothes out of landfills, is the anti-fast fashion by reducing solid waste and it supports smaller businesses like dealers and boutique owners.

“When you shop vintage, you are investing more into clothing that will endure the test of time. Furthermore, you are recycling the pieces, aiding the environment through the reduction of solid waste.” (source,

A quick list of our favorite Vintage Boutiques


Decades has “set the industry standard of giving new life garments and accessories”. Owned by Cameron Silver, his boutique setting welcomes celebrity stylists and industry professionals as well as anyone who wants to find a rare vintage find. 8135 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA.

photo courtesy Decades boutique

New York Vintage

New York Vintage is one of my absolute favorite places to shop in New York. This designer vintage boutique allows for rentals as well as purchases. They carry everything from jewelry, hats and accessories to some of the most avant garde vintage pieces you will find on the market. 117 W. 25th St., New York, NY

Upstairs Salon at New York Vintage. Photo courtesy of New York Vintage

The Way We Wore

This upscale vintage designer boutique has clothing from as early as the 1910’s and goes all the way up to the 1990’s. They recently launched the a Design Services Library from the private collection of Doris Raymond available to industry professionals. If Take a look at their extensive online collection that you can shop and browse even if you aren’t in Los Angeles . 334 S. La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA

The Way We Wore Designer Vintage Boutique. Photo Courtesy of Maria Laxamana

There are also some very high quality vintage dealers who will work with you remotely. Lisa Orlando of Orlando Vintage holds the standard for having the highest quality and will send you boxes of clothing and accessories to try before purchasing.

This vintage Halston masterpiece was featured on “American Beauty Star, Season 2” courtesy of Orlando Vintage