Six Tips to Create an Easy, Zero-Waste Halloween Costume

Become an earth-saving superhero this October 31st (cape: optional) with these tried-and-true tips for putting together an eerily affordable, easy, and (most importantly) zero-waste Halloween costume.

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE Halloween.

Who can say “no” to chowing delicious treats while playing adult dress-up with our besties? But everyone’s favorite October holiday has its dark side… This year, Americans are expected to spend upwards of $9 billion on Halloween fun. That’s billions (with a “B”) of dollars spent on candy, costumes, and other items most likely headed for landfills shortly after November 1st. (Now THAT’S scary).

Chowing delicious treats while playing adult dress-up with our besties? Halloween has so many perks! But this festive holiday also has a dark side…

The good news? We’ve gathered 6 hot tips to “green” your Halloween so you can become an instant waste-reducing rockstar. Here’s how: 

Use what you have

Feeling like a spunky forest animal? A fierce Queen of Hearts? A crazy Cat Lady? There are a million ways to create the look using items from your own closet.

Host a Halloween swap

Not feeling your current wardrobe options? Be a community hero by hosting a costume swap! It’s free, fairly effortless, and 100% zero-waste. Plus, who doesn’t need one more reason to get the gang together?

Rent and return

Because the truly frightful part of Halloween is dropping another wad of cash on a costume built to fall apart after the first wear… rental costumes are an ideal way to get that upscale look without adding to the landfills – yay! Check your local community theatres and prop shops, or browse online rental shops like HalloweenCostumes.com and TheCostumer.com.

Buy a staple piece you can re-wear

If you’d rather buy new, consider choosing an item you’ll wear again. Fortunately, faux fur jackets and animal print anything are hot-trending staples this fall and winter. Statement dresses and themed leggings are also a welcome addition to any wardrobe this season.

Faux fur jackets and animal print everything are ideal costume staples, as well as hot trending pieces this fall and winter

Go thrifty

Thrift store shopping never goes out of style. Where else can you find scary-affordable pieces almost guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind? Plus, thrift stores often carry Halloween costumes. If you’re up for a challenge, though, it’s always fun to browse everyday items to create a look entirely your own. 

Unleash your inner artist

As luck would have it, Halloween is an easy holiday to go DIY. Need a little inspiration? Check out these crafty collections by Good Housekeeping and Country Living.

Try any or all of these ideas to create an easy, zero-waste Halloween costume. For even more eco-friendly costume ideas, pop onto PeacefulDumpling.com or check out these creative sustainability tips from FastCompany.com.

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