Meet an Eco-Conscious, Upcycled Brand We Love

At VerteLuxe, we love a good eco-friendly, high-fashion brand. So, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Ksenia Schnaider: an eco-conscious brand using upcycled denim to create wearable works of art. Awarded “Sustainable Brand of the Year” at Ukranian Fashion Week, the collection first debuted in 2011 from brother and sister duo Ksenia and Anton Schnaider. Now, finding the right mix of fashion and sustainability, Ksenia Schnaider upcycles 500 pairs of jeans a month into 3,000 reworked items a year.

Why Choose Eco-Conscious, Upcycled Brands?


Upcycling refers to the process of reworking existing material into totally new creations. This helps to lower fashion’s carbon footprint by reducing the amount of waste created. As a result, less CO2 (emitted from textiles as they slowly break down) enters our atmosphere.

A Fresh Upcycled Denim Collection


Hungry for spring fashion that packs a punch? Get funky with a sportswear line featuring vintage 1980’s polyester. Ready for a trend more exciting than faux fur? Try this upcycled denim ‘fur’ coat. These unique patterns and fresh styles are sure to turn heads. Additionally, they help to support and grow the eco-friendly fashion movement. Shop the full collection now at

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