Clothing as Medicine: the Ancient Art of Ayurvastra

This summer on the blog, we explored the basic principles of conscious fashion– what it means, why it’s important, and how to shop more sustainably. We discovered that it isn’t too hard these days to find brands who care about their impact on the environment, their workforce, and the customers who support them. On our blog alone, we feature forward-thinking companies like Sage Larock, Amanda Louise Swimwear, Andeana Hats, and The Noces, who make summertime fashion a breeze. Businesses like The Global Trunk and The Root Collective keep our fall home and personal fashion game on point.

Forward-thinking companies like Andeana Hats and The Noces make finding eco-conscious fashion options a breeze!

Another rising trend to watch is the introduction of multi-functional fashion. These are pieces intentionally designed to bring positive energy and healing to the wearer. The idea behind this concept is that everything- from what we put IN our bodies to what we put ON our bodies- affects the way we feel. Our skin is, after all, a large porous organ designed to allow certain elements to permeate its barrier. Health communities have spoken out for years about the negative environmental impacts and possible health hazards that can arise from cheaper, mass-made materials like nylon and polyester, which are coated in chemicals.

Seam Siren creates clothing made of plant-based, medicinal materials such as Wildcrafted Nettle Fiber.

That’s why eco-conscious designers are beginning to consider the benefits of not just avoiding harmful fabrics and environmentally harmful materials, but purposefully choosing materials known for their healing properties. Ayurvastra– the ancient Indian art of ayurvedic (or all-natural) healing through plant-based, medicinal clothing- is spreading across the globe. Seam Siren, founded by herbalist and plant phytotherapist Mary Wurtz, crafts clothing made with chemical-free, botanically-dyed fabrics chosen according to the ancient traditional wisdom of medicinal plant healing.

Jewelry makers are also catching on to this centuries’ old practice. Brands like Kata Banko Couture and Conges Fine Jewelry make a point of sourcing their precious metals from environmentally conscious proprietors. They also integrate healing crystals with beneficial properties like emotional balance, love, and empowerment into personalized pieces customized for the wearer.

Get more out of your fall fashion this season by considering an Ayurvastra-based approach to your wardrobe. Learn more about the ancient Indian practice in this article on AGreenBeauty.com.