Merino Wool: Nature’s Perfect Summer Fabric

A recent online search by one of our team members for the best summer running socks turned up an interesting find: merino wool… for summer? This struck us as an extraordinarily odd suggestion, as we’ve only ever experienced wool as a winter wardrobe staple. So, naturally, we did a little digging, and what we found increased our respect ten-fold for this extremely versatile fabric. Read on to discover why you should very seriously consider adding environmentally-friendly merino wool to your summer collection.

First, let’s cover what Merino Wool is, exactly. Merino Wool comes from (wouldn’t you know it?) a Merino Sheep. Originating from Spain as early as the 12th century, Australia and New Zealand are now the central source of more than 80% of the world’s Merino Wool. While most wool varieties are widely praised for their all-natural warmth, durability, insulation, and water-repellant properties, Merino Wool fibers also carry the distinction of being microscopic and ultrafine, resulting in superior softness and breathability. 

Spanish-born Merino Sheep are the all-natural source of nature’s most versatile material.

Now, let’s explore why resources like are calling Merino Wool “basically magic” for year-round wear. Unlike those itchy, bulky wool sweaters lining your grandpa’s closet, Merino Wool fibers are super flexible, making the material extremely soft and lightweight. Merino Wool is also considerably more environmentally friendly than its warm-weather counterparts. Produced 100% ecologically without harm to the sheep, the resulting woven fabric also doesn’t require frequent washing, thereby saving water. 

While Merino Wool does, of course, keep you warm in the winter, it is also highly temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, making it an ideal material for the warm summer months as well. In fact, this fabric is so breathable and efficient at wicking away sweat and odor from the skin (transferring it to the outside where it evaporates) that it’s actually anti-microbial. This blogger even wore a Merino Wool shirt for a full week without washing and discovered pretty amazing results. 

Temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking Merino Wool is also anti-microbial, making it an ideal choice for hot summer months.

Not enough for you? Merino Wool is also naturally anti-wrinkle, anti-static, stain-resistant, flame-proof, biodegradable, durable, and quick-drying. It won’t stretch or sag. It keeps skin dry and blister-free (hence, the perfect summer sock option). AND it absorbs the full spectrum of UV rays.

Wow, this is really starting to read like a love letter to Merino Wool…

But, for those still skeptical about Mother Nature’s perfect fabric due to rumors about difficult laundry care, this page features easy, step-by-step instructions for machine washing and drying, as well as storage tips for your seasonal pieces. A bit of light online searching even turns up specific tips for traveling with a Merino Wool-based wardrobe and super intriguing articles as to why this fabric is a “game-changer.” 

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