Verte Luxe Kids: How to Have an Eco-Friendly Summer Vacation

Spring is officially in full swing, which means summer is right around the corner. The kids will be done with the school year before you know it, and with that comes all the fun of summer vacation. Since they’ll be spending extra time outdoors enjoying their annual break from the classroom, why not use the sunny season to teach your children about sustainability.

Our children are the future. It’s crucial to teach kids about the importance of eco-friendly living at every age. Not sure where to start? Keep reading for our top five tips on how to have an eco-friendly summer vacation.

1. Shop Sustainable Swimwear

summer vacation

Whether your kids are spending their days at the pool, beach, or in the front yard running through the sprinklers, they’re sure to be in their swimsuits all summer long. Skip shopping from wasteful fast fashion brands and opt for eco-conscious clothing instead. For ethically made swimwear for both you and your little one, browse through SWIMINISTA’s Mini-Me Swim Collection.

2. Plant a Garden

summer vacation

Why buy plastic-wrapped groceries and processed veggie products when you can grow them right from your backyard? Planting a garden will teach your kids to appreciate the nourishing food that grows from the Earth. Not to mention, it will give them a fun activity to do each day! They’ll love seeing their new gardening skills rewarded with beautiful plants and food on their plates.

3. Recycle As a Family

summer vacation

Make recycling a family affair! Set up a family recycling station in your home to teach your children about the different recyclable materials. Make this into a game by giving them a prize every time they fill up the recycling bin. If you want to take it a step further, create a compost bin in your backyard too.

4. Play With Eco-Friendly Toys

summer vacation

It’s time to ditch the plastic action figures and reach for something better for the planet. The Global Trunk for Kids Bag Doll makes for an adorable playmate for young children. The unique and colorful toy is made in Bali with repurposed fabric. It features a hidden zipper that allows for the doll to be transformed into a kid-sized shoulder bag. So they can bring their new friend with them everywhere they go!

5. Avoid Single-Use Items

summer vacation

Use this summer to teach your kids about the benefits of reusable products. Replace single-use plastic water bottles with their very own reusable bottle. Instead of packing their lunches and snacks in plastic baggies, get them their own lunchbox. There are so many ways to replace single-use items in your household. It will help your kids practice an eco-lifestyle while also saving you extra money in the long run!

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