4 Tips for Eco-Conscious, Festive Home Decorating

Fall is all about gathering together. Here, we’ve collected 4 essential tips for eco-conscious, festive home decorating. Now, you can create a warm and welcoming space without adding to the holiday waste.

Classy Compost

Chinese lantern plants make a beautiful, all-natural indoor garland.

There are so many gorgeous ways to make organic materials work in your fall decor scheme. Real pumpkin centerpieces, candles nestled in candy corn, a clean display of ripe, red apples. Another current trend we’re loving: delicate Chinese lantern plants strung along a mantel or staircase. Simply compost when the season is over!

Festive Flora and Fauna

Lichen makes an easy, multi-textured holiday display.

Items found in nature are the perfect way to bring the spirit of fall into your home. Delicate sprays of lichen layered in a decorative bowl make a grounding holiday piece. A vase of winding branches or glass jar display of multi-color leaves catch the eye and move the soul.


Painted wine bottles spark creativity and conversation.

Painted wine bottles or a beautiful decorative leaf jar are easy ways to let loose your creativity and upcycle your fall decor. These modern “Give Thanks” bottles or this gorgeous glowing candleholder are ideal additions to your personal collection. Of course, they also make great gifts to show appreciation to your loved ones.

Buy with Purpose

If you’re like us, you can’t resist the call of beautiful, handcrafted items by your favorite designers or artisans. We understand. We simply try to buy new as infrequently as we can… and when we do buy, we intentionally look for timeless pieces that we’ll love for years to come, rather than one-off pieces that will end up in the post-holiday landfill.

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