sustainable post-holiday cleanup

5 Tips for Sustainable Post-Holiday Cleanup

The end of the holiday season brings the start of an exciting new year… and an abundance of waste. Wrapping paper, decorations, indulgent meals – every holiday festivity seems to increase the trash pile. To help ease the environmental holiday hangover, we’re sharing five easy tips for sustainable post-holiday cleanup.

1. Recycle Your Tree

post-holiday cleanup

If you’re still holding onto the vibrant green essence that is your holiday tree, don’t throw it out just yet! Instead, find a tree recycling program near you by using resources like Earth911. Simply enter your zip code, remove your ornaments, and schedule a drop-off or pickup to help reduce the number of trees sent to landfills at the end of the season.

2. Reuse Your Gift Bags

sustainable post-holiday cleanup

Unfortunately, most gift bags and wrapping paper are made of non-recyclable foil and glossy plastic. So, instead of trashing them, simply store your bags away to reuse for other occasions. It’s the easiest way to ensure a sustainable post-holiday cleanup (and more sustainable gifting all year long!)

3. Make Homemade Potpourri

post-holiday cleanup

Why toss the delectable scent of cinnamon and pine needles out when you can turn them into a DIY air freshener? Simply toss your leftover spices into a boiling pot of water for the ultimate all-natural winter aroma.

4. Create a Holiday Compost

More food gets wasted during the holiday season than at any other point in the year. Do your part to reduce the growth of landfills by making a compost bin for all your holiday dinner scraps. Then, take it to a composting center near you or save it to fertilize your springtime garden.

5. Try Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Once the decorations are taken down and recycled, it’s time for a seasonal deep clean of your home. Opt for eco-friendly products like Mr. Meyer’s to ensure safe cleaning for both the environment and your household. You can also rely on the non-toxic product experts at LEVO to provide a blueprint for safer cleaning far beyond December.

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