5 Common Household Items for Greener Spring Cleaning

Practice greener spring cleaning (without compromising on quality) using these five common household ingredients you may already have in your kitchen or bathroom.

It’s no secret that part of spring cleaning involves… well, cleaning! Still, the harsh chemical ingredients in many store-bought cleaning products harm our environment (and us!) in a variety of ways. Evaporating into the atmosphere or rinsing down the drain, these chemicals can leach into our water system and contaminate our air. Plus, certain ingredients (such as bleach) can lead to health problems when inhaled, or when they come into contact with skin. Instead, try putting to use these five chemical-free ingredients already hiding in your pantry:

Baking Soda

A mild alkali, baking soda helps to naturally dissolve grease and dirt. It also acts as a super gentle scrubbing agent for use on stained porcelain and other surfaces prone to scratching. When combined with white vinegar, it produces a lively foam that can even help power away dirt and grime hands-free! Discover 50 ways to use this multi-tasking ingredient in this post on Taste of Home.



Naturally anti-bacterial and antiseptic, this cheerful fruit leaves behind a light, refreshing scent to boot. Also handy for de-greasing and polishing dishes or glass, this ingredient is a must-have for any green household. Learn more about how to use it in this article on The Spruce.

White Vinegar

Because of its natural acidity, white vinegar is terrific for cleaning soap scum, hard water residue, and even gummed-up sticker goo! Use it to clean windows and glass, help disinfect appliances like coffeemakers and humidifiers, clear out clogged showerheads, and prevent hard water buildup on shower doors. Discover more ways to use the powerhouse ingredient in this article on

Natural Sea Salt


From time to time, you need a little extra scrubbing power. Natural sea salt to the rescue! Mix with baking soda and lemon juice for a quick and easy cleaner to power away tough stains. You can even combine it with baking soda and cream of tartar to help blast through clogged drains.

Hydrogen Peroxide

While not necessarily an organic substance found in nature, hydrogen peroxide is, in fact, non-toxic and safe to use – even as a germ-killing, teeth-whitening mouth rinse! Spray undiluted onto surfaces like countertops and in toilet bowls, let sit for about 3 minutes, then wipe clean or flush away. Explore other ways to use hydrogen peroxide in this article by Real Simple.

This year, try greener spring cleaning with five chemical-free ingredients you can feel good about using. Learn how to create do-it-yourself natural cleaning mixes in this article by Wellness Mama. And, because spring cleaning is about more than just your bathroom and kitchen, check out this post on clearing closet clutter and preparing your sustainable 2020 wardrobe