How to Brew Kombucha at Home: A Quick + Easy Guide

Most likely tapped in a trendy downtown restaurant near you, kombucha is definitely a health-conscious drink of the moment. In fact, this refreshingly non-alcoholic beverage is believed to help treat everything from arthritis and depression to stomach issues and heartburn. What’s more, it isn’t difficult to make at home. Here, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily brew this fantastic, functional drink.


While kombucha may seem like a new trend, it has in fact been enjoyed for thousands of years. Originating in Northeast China and making its way over to Europe in the twentieth century, this unique drink stood the test of time because of its delightful taste and positive health benefits. Here’s how to brew the year’s top-trending beverage at home.

Gather These Tools:

Gather These Ingredients:

  • 1 SCOBY (Learn to make your own here!)
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 3.5 quarts water
  • 8 bags Black or Green Tea (or 2 TBSP loose-leaf tea)
  • 2 cups unpasteurized, lightly-flavored “starter” kombucha (store-bought or from your last batch)
  • (Optional) Juice, herbs, or fruit for added flavor

How To Brew:

  • Brew tea using water + tea bags. Add sugar and let cool.
  • Remove tea bags and stir in “starter” kombucha
  • Pour into jar containing SCOBY
  • Cover tightly with cheesecloth and secure with rubber band
  • Place jar out of direct sunlight and allow to ferment for 7-10 days
  • Pour finished kombucha into glass bottles using funnel, making sure to leave a half-inch of head room for carbonation. Add splash of juice, herbs, or fruit to infuse with more flavor
  • Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight for 1-2 weeks to allow carbonation to form
  • Refrigerate and enjoy!

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