zero waste wrapping

Sophisticated, Zero Waste Gift Wrapping

Watching friends, kids, and loved ones furiously rip shiny packages is one of our favorite parts of the holidays. But afterward comes one of our least favorite parts: shoving all of the paper and bows into a giant plastic trash bag headed for the landfill…

So, this year, we’re doing things differently. After all, there are so many beautiful and creative ways to do sophisticated, zero waste gift wrapping! Here is a quick, step-by-step guide to making your own:

Step 1: First, the wrapping.

You can use almost any material you have lying around: old grocery bags, newspaper, cheese cloth, or scrap fabric from old clothing. Another multi-tasking idea is to wrap your gift with an item the recipient can use. Examples include a cotton produce bag, a vintage scarf, or a dish cloth. 

zero waste wrapping

Step 2: Next, the ribbon.

There are a wide variety of materials you can use to re-create the same effect as polypropylene ribbon, which is super harmful to our planet. Instead, why not try twine, hemp rope, leather cord, fabric scraps, or even florist wire? If you don’t happen to have any of those on hand, you could string together paper clips or use an old (clean) shoelace. You can also choose to forgo string altogether for a clean, minimalist look.

Step 3: Lastly, the embellishment. 

Instead of a chemically manufactured bow, try tying on a lively plant sprig, cinnamon sticks, vintage jewelry, or a small card made from recycled paper. A few other ideas include dried sage, a pinecone, or a twig of aromatic cedarwood.

zero waste wrapping

Follow these three steps and – voila! You’ve got a beautiful, decidedly green gift ready to go anywhere (but the garbage). With this handy guide, we’re sure you will find that sophisticated, zero waste gift wrapping isn’t nearly as difficult as it seems. 

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