sustainable, functional kitchen products

Our Top 3 Sustainable, Functional Kitchen Products

Swap your traditional cleaning and decor items with a few of our favorite sustainable, functional kitchen products for a greener home. 

Coronavirus lockdown certainly shows us the amount of waste we create every day. From constantly overflowing trash bins to the volume of water used to wash clothes, dishes, and hands, it seems clear we can do better. But how? You can help cut down on waste while supporting forward-thinking eco-businesses. Simply swap a few of your traditional tools for more sustainable, functional kitchen products like these:

Ditch Your Dish Sponge

sustainable, functional kitchen products

Traditional dish sponges carry an unthinkable amount of germs and bacteria. What’s worse, they never truly break down, which means when your sponge reaches the landfill, it will continue to release toxins like formaldehyde into the soil and triclosan into our water systems. Swap your sponge for this Bubble Up Dish Soap Dispenser + Brush Set by Grove Collaborative ($14.95). Made with renewable bamboo and recycled plastic, each set is beautifully designed and refillable for maximum aesthetic and eco-impact. 

Transform Your Towels

eco-friendly kitchen

Paper products make up more than 25% of our household waste. What’s more, one ton of paper towels requires up to 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water to make. Still, these disposable options come in handy for sticky messes, small spills, and on-the-go clean-ups. So, rather than forgoing them completely, simply swap your traditional brand for this washable bamboo version ($24.90). Made from biodegradable bamboo, each roll features 25 washing-machine safe sheets useable up to 80 times each (totaling about 2,000 uses with just one roll).

Protect Surfaces in Style

sustainable, functional kitchen products

Traditionally, cloth placemats, runners, coasters, and area rugs are replaced according to changing trends, leading to more waste in our landfills. Instead, check out these beautiful options from Hip-O Modern Living made from ultra-durable, renewable teak and rosewood. Sleek and naturally long-lasting, every hand-woven piece elevates your space while directly supporting the women artisans of Central Java and the education of their children.

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