Sustainable Spring Cleaning Tips For a Fresh Start to the Season

Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining (thanks, daylight savings!), and our travel calendars are filling up. The start of spring is almost here, which means it’s time to prep for the season ahead. There’s no better way to do so than by cleaning out the old and welcoming the new. Kicking off spring with a clean, decluttered home is a surefire way to start this season on the right foot.

Fortunately, there are a few easy, eco-conscious ways to freshen up your home. We’re sharing a few of our go-to sustainable spring cleaning tips below.

Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

The products you use throughout your home environment matter. Therefore, you’ll want to stock up on cleaning supplies that are good for both your family and the planet.

Start with Grab Green for all your loads of springtime laundry. It uses naturally-derived ingredients for deep cleaning you can trust. Clean up the clutter around your home using compostable trash bags from Repurpose and finish off with the Zero Waste Cleaning Kit from EcoRoots for all those pesky stains in your kitchen.

Donate Lightly Used Items

Cleanse your home and your heart by giving back this spring. The best way to repurpose the lightly worn items you no longer use is by donating them to someone who needs it. Clean out your closet and give clothing items to your local Salvation Army, go through your lightly used kitchen items and give them to the local food kitchen, or take the toys your kids no longer use to a pre-school nearby. There are so many great ways to donate while simultaneously cleaning out your home.


Replace Paper Towels With Cloth

Grab your old T-shirts, towels, or other fabric pieces that aren’t in well enough shape to be donated, and use them to wipe down your home surfaces. This is an excellent way to reduce single-use paper towels and give your items another life before tossing them in the trash. It’s a win for you, your freshly clean house, and the Earth!

With these simple yet impactful sustainable spring cleaning tips, your home will be nice and new in no time.

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