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Verte Luxe Home: House Plants 101

Are you ready for a lesson in house plants? Then pull out your pen and take notes! Plants are the source of life on Earth. They’re essential to all living organisms, including humans. What better way to breathe a little more life into your everyday routine than by potting some gorgeous greenery in your home. Below, we’re sharing everything you need to know about house plants – from the easiest plants care for to why they can benefit your health.

Which Plants Are Right for You?

house plants

If you’re a first-time plant parent, not to worry! While we can’t all have a green thumb, there are plenty of plant breeds that just about anyone can successfully take care of. A few of the easiest house plants to raise include snake plants, bromeliads, pothos, and philodendron. These plants beautifully elevate any space, and the best part is that they only need to be watered once per week or less. Looking for the perfect pot to hold your new plants? Plant them in the stunning hand-crafted vases by artisan Jason Fox Ceramics.

Why Keep Plants In Your House?

house plants

House plants aren’t only wonderful to look at, but they’re also good for your health! Since plants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, they freshen the air in your home while also eliminating harmful toxins. In fact, plants can remove up to 87% of air toxins in just 24 hours. Plus, keeping plants in your home can help reduce stress, increase focus, and boost your mood.

Celebrate Plants and Life

Plants are literally the root of all life on our planet. Plants provide us and other living organisms with the food, fiber, shelter, medicine, and fuel we need to survive and thrive. The oxygen plants release is in the air we breathe every day, which is essential to life. Therefore, we believe it’s important to celebrate these beautiful green beings and the longevity they’re able to provide us as a collective species. Take a moment to appreciate the plants in your space and watch as they grow and freshen up your home.

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