Trust Me Vodka‘s Organic Heated Mule

We are so fortunate to be introduced to Trust Me Organic and Gluten Free Vodka. They graciously supplied us with the most delicious vodka for our VIP event last week. It is a delicious, clean drinking vodka that comes in elegant bottles designed by famous artists of today. It is like drinking a work of art.


The Best Vodka

Katarine DiCarlo, who handles PR for Trust Me, donated over 22 bottles of Vodka for our Verte Luxe VIP Eco Resort Event on February 2, 2019. She recommended that we do a specialty cocktail called “The Heated Mule” that is so delicious it will knock your socks off. Guests were talking about it all night, so we had to share!

President of Verte Luxe, Laura Frecon enjoying a photo op with her new favorite organic vodka

“Trust Me Vodka supports visual artists by allowing a total takeover of our bottles, offering them a wide-ranging commercial canvas. It’s our thought that vodka may be colorless, but the bottles don’t have to be. Our first collaboration with our friend, Jeff Soto, launched with our brand in 2016. Jeff is a contemporary artist from Riverside, California. We then joined forces with James Haunt, a young and vibrant street artist from L.A. and have since partnered with Tara McPherson, an American artist from New York City; Emek, the official Coachella artist with art that has been seen across the globe; and Caia Koopman a modern day pop artist. “


 Trust Me Vodka Organic “Heated Mule”

“Trust Me Vodka organic and gluten free vodkas are made from local ingredients and naturally purified water from the Grand Tetons. Trust Me. It’s the best vodka.”


-2 parts Trust Me Organic Vodka (infused with jalapeno slices if you like an extra kick)

-1 part fresh squeezed limeade (we used organic limes and squeezed them ourselves for ultimate freshness)

-pour 3/4 full into an old fashioned glass with ice and top with your favorite fresh brewed Ginger Beer

-Throw in some sliced jalapenos, chopped cilantro and mint to taste

Take a Sip and Enjoy!