4 Simple (Sugar-Free!) Summertime Sips We Love

Summertime is prime time for gathering and enjoying the outdoors. Everywhere across the country, people are getting together to play, hang, and eat delicious food. But we know who the real barbecue and birthday party superstar is, don’t we? That would be the cool, refreshing beverage in your hand designed to help you hydrate and wash down those salty chips.

As much as we all love flavored sparkling water, sometimes, we just need a break from the usual suspects… so, just in time for summer party season, we’ve gathered a collection of our favorite drinks, each just as easy to make as it is satisfying to enjoy (and artfully crafted without refined sugars for healthier hydration!)

Give these tantalizing summer sips a try and customize them with alcohol or substitute your fave fruits! Planning a day trip? Take yours to-go in one of these ultra-mod reusable bottles by The Etching Bee.

Strawberry Cucumber Lime Agua Fresca. Fresh from HouseOfYumm.com, this is the more distinguished cousin of good old-fashioned infused water. Instead of steeping fruit chunks in the water, you blend them for fuller flavor. To make, simply combine 12oz fresh strawberries, 2 peeled and sliced cucumbers, ¼ cup fresh lime juice, 4 cups cold water, and ¼ cup agave in a blender and voila! Instant refreshment. Be sure to strain the finished fruit puree into a large pitcher to remove fruit chunks. To cut the sweetness, simply leave out the agave.

This scrumptious Strawberry Cucumber Lime Agua Fresca has our tastebuds doing the cha-cha!

Cherry Lemonade. A summer classic, we found this baby over at Pizzazzerie.com. The taste reminds us of summers long past, playing Marco Polo with our cousins in the neighborhood pool and getting brain freezes from the shaved ice truck… only much more adult and refined. Combine 3 cups sweet cherries, 1 cup honey, 1 cup water, and 1 TBS fresh lemon juice in a saucepan on medium heat. Simmer for about 30 minutes, or until cherries are broken down and the liquid resembles a syrup. Strain cherry mixture and discard pits. Fill glasses to ¼ full with the strained cherry syrup, topping with lemonade (you can buy pre-made or discover how to make your own easy version right here). 

This homemade Cherry Lemonade is a fun twist on a summertime classic.

Apple Orange Frost. Posted over at SomethingSwanky.com as “My Three Suns,” this one is for our summer drink lovers with a definite sweet tooth – the crisp flavors of orange and apple combine with frosty sorbet to create a perfect storm of sweet delight. Make this super simply by mixing 2 cups of orange juice with 1 quart of apple juice in a large pitcher. Then, after filling your glass, top with a scoop of raspberry sorbet (or substitute your favorite flavor – we’re loving this deliciously easy 1-ingredient sugar-free watermelon sorbet recipe from RealFoodKosher.com)

Satisfy your citrus cravings with the sweet zing of an Apple Orange Frost.

Very Berry Spritzer. This drink comes from the genius minds at DeliciouslySprinkled.com. The best part? No blending required! Simply sprinkle frozen mixed berries into glasses, add ice, and pour in your favorite lemon-lime soda or sparkling water. Garnish glasses with freshly sliced strawberries for an extra touch of sweetness. 

Enjoy the bubbly taste of this Very Berry Spritzer, no blender required!

And there you have it – our top four favorite summertime sips to chill out and cool down. Got your own go-to treat? Tell us about it below!