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Eco-Friendly Vacation Ideas for the Holidays

For many travelers feeling cautious about Coronavirus, the holidays may look a little different in 2020. Fortunately, we can still have some fun this season by arranging a luxurious (and safe) getaway! After months of unknowns and staying indoors, look forward to a little more adventure. Start planning your next eco-friendly vacation with hands-on help from the Green Maya Project.

A Sustainable Pandemic Escape

eco-friendly vacation

The Green Maya Project was established to provide a sustainable, educational, and impactful experience. This is responsible eco-tourism at its best. Not sure where to go or how to plan around a pandemic? Leave it to the Green Maya Project to arrange your next eco-friendly vacation in Mexico. Their new pandemic-conscious packages make it easy to relax and have fun while staying mindful of the precious ecosystems around us.

Stop Scrolling, Start Living

eco-friendly vacation

Your social media feed can wait. Get away from it all with an 8-day, 7-night Digital Detox in the Yucatan ($500). If you feel distracted, uninspired, stuck, worried, or anxious, then now is the time to disconnect from the digital world. Nature is medicine for anything that is stopping you from living your highest potential. Reconnect with the ultimate resource for human health and well-being in an immersive experience of Maya culture. Not for the faint of heart, expect long hours in Nature. Try biking, trekking, swimming, paddling, camping, fishing, climbing, learning, physical volunteer work, observation and data collection, and healing therapies. Of course, you will also have time for a hammock and a good book.

Encounter a Lover’s Paradise


The pandemic isn’t stopping couples from saying “I do.” Enjoy a romantic honeymoon or anniversary in Sisal on a nature lover’s utopia day trip. Sisal is located inside the El Palmer Biosphere “Los Petenes” Reserve. “Petén” is the Maya word for a forest ecosystem that consists of circular plant formations and complex habitats perfect for endangered or vulnerable fauna species such as the jaguar. Resident and migratory birds use the forest for nesting, resting, and feeding before their long journeys home. The forest includes four species of mangrove trees, which function as the lungs of the planet, cleaning more air per area than a rain forest. Immerse yourself alongside your soulmate in seven different ecosystems: wetlands, savanna grasslands, coastal dunes, mangroves, jungles, underground rivers, and coral reef. Other activities include forest trekking, night tours, canoeing, or snorkeling a shipwreck!

Strengthen the Bonds of Friendship


Gather your closest girlfriends for an all-inclusive 8-day, 7-night Wanderlust Women’s trip in the Yucatan ($500). Enjoy luxurious amenities while immersing yourself in the colorful culture. Beautiful things happen when women gather together. Relax, laugh, share, and strengthen bonds in eight days of adventuring through the magical lands of the Yucatán! Discover ancient and modern Maya cities, swim in breathtaking bodies of water, and participate in local cultural activities. Try a Yucatecan cooking class, henequén weaving class, or volunteer with the Green Maya Project Mangrove Reforestation Program. Invite your “sisters” (biological or chosen) or fly solo and meet new friends!

Eco-Tourism at Home


Not yet comfortable with pandemic travel? Good news: you don’t need to leave home to engage in responsible eco-tourism. If you feel passionate about protecting the earth’s ecosystems, then consider making a donation to an organization that preserves our planet’s resources for everyone to enjoy. (You may even find yourself visiting one of these places on your next eco-friendly vacation). Healthy Seas, for example, works tirelessly to clean up our oceans and repurpose waste into sustainable products. Within the last 7 years, they have successfully collected over 510 tons of fishing nets, saving countless sea creatures from harm. With every donation made, Healthy Seas seek to expand their reach around the globe.

An important part of eco-tourism is appreciating beautiful places while creating a positive impact. You can do that right now by donating to Healthy Seas, helping them to protect and rehabilitate marine life.