Eco-Friendly Wines we are loving right now

We’ve been doing a lot of wine tasting lately and have discovered some eco-friendly wines that we are loving today.  Cheers to being Organic, Biodynamic, and Sustainable!


This small production winery in Sonoma County, CA produces hand-crafted wines in limited quantities.  They work with growers who use a combination of organic and/or biodynamic growing techniques to produce wines that are both vegan and low in sulfites.  No GMO’s or synthetic nutrients allowed! In addition to making great wines, Horse and Plow works with local apple orchards to create delicious, complex ciders.

Horse and Plow not only makes delicious wines, but they also have unique ciders!


Bonterra Vineyards wines are made from 100% organically farmed grapes certified by CCOF.  In 2016, Bonterra was ranked America’s #1 Organically Farmed Wine and listed as American Winery of the Year by Wine Enthusiast.  Cool fact, they also have three Demeter certified biodynamic ranches.  We love their mission that “is to provide the purest wine of the highest quality, honoring our respectful collaboration with the land.” 

The delicious array of wines at Bonterra

Riverbench Winery:

Let’s toast to SIP (sustainability in practice) certified Riverbench Winery in the Santa Maria Valley of Santa Barbara, CA.  Riverbench makes their wines in limited quantities for the highest quality practices.  “Keeping these sustainable practices in mind, we not only produce a superior product, but we are able to help protect the environment, conserve natural resources, maintain the long-term viability of our vineyard, and support the economic and social well-being of our employees.”

SIP Certified Wines at Riverbench

Gemtree Wines:

Gemtree’s motto is “growing better wine, naturally”.  We love this simple philosophy that keeps environmental sustainability at the heart of their farming practices.  They carry the label of Australian Certified Organic vineyard since 2011.  Fun fact: Gemtree uses sheep to graze between the vines for weed control, wood ducks to feed on the slugs and pests and alpacas to protect their lambs from foxes as well as provide healthy fertilizer for the vines! “The Buttery family decided to preserve a 10-hectare section of land within the Gemtree vineyard in 1998 to contribute to the survival of local native species and to ensure an ecological balance is maintained on the property.”

Organically grown wines at Gemtree

Benzinger Family Winery:

We love Benzinger Winery for many reasons beyond their eco-conscious growing practices.  They have kid friendly tasting rooms, a bio-dynamic vineyard tram tour, many fun events at their Sonoma Estate (block party, anyone???).  “Every wine in their portfolio carries a third party certification of green farming practices  Whether the vineyard is certified sustainable, organic or Biodynamic, it’s carefully tended with the most eco-responsible methods available”. Benzinger also uses sheep, cattle, birds and an insectary with numerous plants and bugs that are critical to the health of their vines. 

Organic Varietals at Benziger Family Vineyards