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Pandemic Vacation Help for a Safer Getaway

Anxiety is everywhere these days. From work overwhelm to the anticipation of seasonal events or travel, the holidays are stressful enough without a pandemic.  Thinking you’ll stay home to avoid the chaos? Now, studies suggest that even staying at home under quarantine can cause stress. (Which, by the way, is a great reason to make regular time for yourself). Another proven way to reduce stress and improve your overall mental health, however, is a complete change of scenery. And because the idea of planning a pandemic vacation may actually cause more stress than cure it, we’ve discovered the perfect way to get away without sacrificing your safety or health. How? By letting Sarah Renshaw, founder of The Green Maya Project, plan out your vacation itinerary for you.

Image source: The Green Maya Project

Start Strong in 2021

Through The Green Maya Project, you can enjoy the much-needed reset of a safe, sustainable vacation even during the pandemic. Their latest eco-tourism women’s retreat package (February 21-26, 2021) empowers a disconnect from all distractions, so you can truly focus on yourself. Shed the negativity of 2020 and start 2021 off strong, surrounded by like-minded women seeking the same authentic connection with self, others, and nature.

Image source: The Green Maya Project

This six day, five night retreat is designed to provide the space to step back, reevaluate life, rediscover your passions, and remember your potential. Re-charge with guided yoga and meditation. Rekindle wonder with nature and culture outings. Find your bliss with spa time. Also, discover fresh insights from inspirational women speakers. Power your inner journey with help from Monica (the local shaman, or “Abuela”), who will lead you in a Mayan Ceremony called Disconnect to Reconnect. What’s more, Green Maya takes care of crafting delicious, healthy meals and snacks each day to support and nourish physical strength.

Eco-Luxury at Its Finest

And don’t worry: “eco” doesn’t mean you’ll be sleeping in huts with no electricity or running water. Quite the contrary. While Green Maya is quite fond of modern comforts, the team is also smart about using finite natural resources. Discover the environmentally friendly home base at The Villa Merida, which declines all single-use plastics. The company also aims to balance its carbon footprint with a portion of every ticket funding mangrove reforestation in Yucatán, México. (On one of the retreat outings, you will learn all about these efforts from Amigas del Manglares).

Green Maya specializes in providing a sustainable, zero waste, and care-free experience in which you can enjoy all the beauty and culture of Mexico. Reset your mental and physical energy while establishing a meaningful connection with others and nature. Spaces are limited and deposits are refundable through February 1st. If you’re ready to begin, then click here to reserve your spot. You can also click here to view a complete itinerary. Be sure to check out our safe and eco-conscious travel tips to get ready for your trip!