sustainable self-care essentials

Sustainable Self-Care Essentials: 6 of Our Top Picks

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change how and when we connect with others. Safety measures like face masks and social distancing can leave us feeling isolated from friends and loved ones, which can take a toll on emotional and mental health. As a result, we need self-care now more than ever. Here, we offer our six go-to sustainable self-care essentials – top picks to help you re-connect to yourself and create balance in today’s “new normal.”

Restore the Mind-Body Connection by Becoming a Jedi Yoga Warrior

sustainable self-care essentials

We love yoga because you can practice anywhere, anytime. Looking for personalized guidance? Book a virtual class with talented instructor Cara Provenzano of Jedi Yoga Warrior. You can even invite a few of your closest friends to join in a group yoga or mat pilates session. Need a total mind-body reset? Jet-set with Cara to a beautiful beachfront in Baja, Mexico for her upcoming 4-day Return of the JEDI retreat. Fuel your body and expand your mind in the idyllic beauty of a natural desert oasis.

Savor Each Moment with the Organic Herbal Flavor of Pao Tea

Science shows that drinking tea can help to reduce stress and provide a host of other wellness benefits. Produced sustainably in China’s Fujian province, Pao Tea offers a premium selection of flavorful, organic loose leaf options. Fans of black tea will love Golden Monkey ($20), featuring potent aromas of honey and chocolate with smooth hints of nutty depth. Try Cookie Monster Oolong for notes of vanilla and sugary biscuits with a strong aftertaste of peach. We love their box of beautiful pre-packed tea lemons ($20 for 4), filled with full-leaf tea ready to brew.

Uplift the Spirit with Noho Candle Co. Aromatherapy

Lighting a candle is the perfect way to make room for quiet reflection or relaxation. The soothing scent offers uplifting aromatherapeutic benefits while the warm glow of the fire inspires any space. For a cleaner burn without the added chemicals, we love the 100% vegan collection from Noho Candle Co. Each handmade candle ($22-40 each) features a lead-free cotton wick, in addition to premium-grade fragrance and essential oils. The American-grown soy wax offers an eco-friendly burn free of additives, dyes, preservatives, phthalates, or petroleum. For added energy cleansing or to stimulate creativity, try their Palo Santo Clearing Mist Spray ($12) or Palo Santo Sticks ($4), each made from sustainably-sourced Ecuador-grown wood.

Treat Yourself to an At-Home Spa Day with On Board Organics + Lau Botanicals

self-care essentials
Polish and hydrate with On Board Organic’s Self-Care Duo ($24.99)

Give your skin a little TLC with an at-home spa day featuring our favorite On Board Organics Self-Care Duo ($24.99). First, gently exfoliate with the Organic Body Scrub, removing dead skin cells and priming skin. Then, hydrate with the Organic Body Balm that locks in moisture and provides rich nourishment. This set uses all-natural ingredients, leaving nothing behind but a tantalizing scent of delicate Beach Bliss, Pink Grapefruit, Lavender, Sandalwood, or Vanilla.

sustainable skincare
Balance and brighten with Lau Botanical’s Ritual Collection ($220)

Start a new weekly or monthly ritual of self-care with the healing Ritual Collection ($220) from Lau Botanicals (also available in a $20 sample pack). The female-owned brand offers all-natural skincare made in small batches on the island of Kaua’i. Each precious formulation arrives in sustainable glass bottles featuring renewable bamboo caps. Balance and brighten your complexion with Awakening Cleansing Oil, nourishing Island Glow Serum, and calming Healing Propolis Balm. Let your divine inner radiance shine with the help of Goddess Body Oil, naturally fragranced with Hawaiian sandalwood, vetiver, and jasmine essential oils.

Let Levo Clean Your Routine for Healthier Living All Year Long

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Detoxify with Levo customized Body and Beauty Packages ($220 each)

Put your health and safety first every day with help from Levo. Co-founding mompreneurs and clean product experts Alex Franklin and Vanessa Flores make it simple to detoxify your body and skincare routine. Choose from a Levo Body Package or Beauty Package ($220 each) to get a customized road map for rooting out harmful products. Your personalized consult includes a health hazard report of all your current body care or beauty brands, plus a custom shopping list filled with clean-swap alternatives. Additionally, you’ll get Levo’s favorite (easy!) DIY cleaning recipes and a video follow-up to answer all your questions.

If you find yourself feeling… well, not quite yourself during this pandemic, rest assured you aren’t alone. Try a few (or all) of our self-care essentials to help create balance and brighten your outlook. You can also find some great tips in this article. Then, find fun ways to socially connect with friends or family in our recent post.