Going Green for your Wedding Registry

You’re planning the wedding of your dreams…and it will be one of the best days of your life. It will be beautiful, eco-conscious and sustainable. You’ve got the repurposed gown, your ethical engagement ring, your seed paper invitations were just sent. You’ve even found a charity to partner with to donate your flowers after it is all said and done.


Let’s take a minute to think about your registry. Chances are, if you are having an eco-conscious wedding, you live that lifestyle on a daily basis. Of course, you want to continue living those values even after you say “I Do”. Why not incorporate sustainable elements into your registry, so that you and your guests can be involved in the movement. Choosing eco-conscious gifts and sustainable honeymoon travel can help to reduce your carbon footprint while celebrating the two of you and the values that you stand for.

Do Things Together:

Some of the best wedding registries focus on doing things as a couple rather than getting things. One of our favorite registries, based out of Australia and New Zealand is called Less Stuff-More Meaning. This is the ultimate in helping conscious brides and grooms plan a wedding with “people and the planet at the core”. Take a look at their Mindfully Wed E-Guide to help you with all of your planning and registry needs.


We also love Vebo, “A Wedding Registry for Experiences”. Vebo celebrates the art of doing things together. Rather than registering for a lot of stuff that you may never really need, you can register for things like cooking classes, ski trips, wine tasting, concert tickets, sporting events and so much more. Guests can give an actual experience or a gift certificate for you to choose your own adventure. There is even a section to tie the charity of your choice to your registry. VEBO contributes 5% of the sales from the couple‚Äôs registry to the charity they have selected.


Register for a Honeymoon Fund

To some, the best part of the entire wedding process is the honeymoon. If that is the case for you, why not sign up for a honeymoon fund to help offset the cost of your honeymoon travel? Sites like Honeyfund and Traveler’s Joy allow couples to set up custom registries based on their goals for the honeymoon of their dreams. Another great resource is to find hotels on The Kind Traveler and add sustainably minded resorts to your honeymoon planning. List these resorts on your registry so guests can help you to be a conscious traveler throughout your honeymoon.


Eco-Friendly Gift Guide:

Your guests want to give you gifts that you can cherish and enjoy throughout your marriage. Here are some other ideas to add to your thoughtfully designed registry:

-An easy to clean compost bin for the kitchen

-Organic beeswax candles from Les Ruches for romantic evenings with your love

-An eco-friendly bed from Nest Bedding with a sustainably sourced wood frame and bamboo sheets


-Art made from local craftsmen and artisans

-An area rug made from natural fibers, such as sisal or cork

-Organic hand-woven pillows and throws from The Global Trunk

-Ditch the car and register for a set of Linus bikes and accessories


Remember, it’s your wedding and your registry. Think about what you want as a couple and make it FUN!

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