Meet Amethyst Event Productions for all of your Eco Wedding Planning Needs

Verte Luxe is extremely thrilled to welcome Amethyst Event Productions to the growing lineup of sustainability-focused vendors showcasing at the Luxe and Kind Bridal Boutique September 8th from 11am-5pm at The Treehouse, Bel Air. Created in partnership with Daniela Degrassi of The Kind Bride Blog and Community, the Luxe and Kind Bridal Boutique is a first-of-its-kind, eco-friendly wedding planning experience. 

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We recognize that planning a vegan wedding – one where everything from the flowers to the food are compatible with your lifestyle – is incredibly hard work. So, we’re making it easy by gathering the best local vendors, venues, caterers, hair and makeup artists, and more all in one place, each dedicated to supporting a sustainability-driven and vegan/ vegetarian lifestyle. 

Amethyst Event Productions is among the top Los Angeles-based wedding and event planning companies. With a forward-thinking focus on sustainability and eco-impact, event production dynamos Deniz King and Jessica Gonzales bring a rich wealth of combined experience from having orchestrated well over 300 weddings to the task of curating every tiny detail of your big day. 

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A unique mantra, represented by the amethyst in their name, guides the duo’s approach to event management. The amethyst is praised for its mood-balancing and stress-relieving properties, believed to bring about an atmosphere of optimism, inspiration, and calm. In every aspect of their business, King and Gonzales strive to embody the same traits, making your special day a tranquil and inspirational experience filled with nothing but extraordinary and unforgettable moments.

Offering a range of packages, from partial planning (for those who want just a bit of assistance) to managing every single detail, Amethyst Event Productions can handle whatever comes their way. “Our extensive experience gives us complete confidence that we can take on anything and everything,” says King, “We’ve seen it all and, with over 10 years of combined experience between us, we’ve developed our own uniquely effective systems for pre-emptively managing any challenge or issue.” 

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Skilled at creating a smooth client experience from start to finish, Amethyst Event Productions is the top choice of brides looking for an event planning company aligned with vegan and cruelty-free values. Concerned about the average 500 pounds of waste created by a 100-200 guest wedding, their Amethyst Package – an add-on to any planning service – offers a vegan/ vegetarian and sustainably-crafted wedding experience designed to minimize waste and manage environmental impact. 

Additional add-ons include a sustainability meeting with the team to discuss how to create a planet-friendly event, access to a preferred partner list of sustainability-focused vendors and vegan/ vegetarian caterers, and donating a portion of package proceeds to Last Chance for Animals. “We’re extremely passionate about giving back to the things that are important to us,” explains Gonzales, “We believe a sustainable, vegan lifestyle is an essential part of kindness toward animals.”

The dazzling duo behind Amethyst Event Productions, Deniz and Jessica. Photo credit: ECM Photo

Explore the Amethyst Event Productions full suite of services at the Luxe and Kind Bridal Boutique on September 8th from 11am-5pm at The Treehouse, Bel Air, 795 North Beverly Glen Boulevard, with complimentary valet available. Learn more about Amethyst Event Productions and the philosophy of its founders, Deniz King and Jessica Gonzales, at