The Kind Bride to host LA’s First Vegan Luxe and Kind Bridal Boutique Event

If you’ve ever helped to plan a wedding (or planned one of your own), you know how unsustainable the event can be. Wedding and bridesmaid dresses cost a fortune and are only worn once. Food, decor, gifts, and favors all generate an immense amount of waste. And if you’re a vegan bride hoping to find sustainable resources that suit your lifestyle? Forget about it. You’ll be sent on a wild goose chase to find caterers, event planners, and florists who truly understand the vegan mindset. It all makes you wonder: isn’t there a better way?

Now, there absolutely is! On September 8th, founder of Daniela Degrassi is partnering with us to host The Luxe and Kind Bridal Boutique. This is the first event of its kind and a groundbreaking bridal show experience guests will not soon forget. Designed with vegan and plant-based lifestyles in mind, The Luxe and Kind Bridal Boutique is a full-spectrum celebration of sustainability aimed at changing the conversation around the compatibility of luxury wedding planning and eco-conscious living.

Photo courtesy of Jacqueline Connor

Born out of a deeply-rooted passion for vegan living and a desire to curb the unfettered waste created by the traditional approach to wedding planning, The Luxe and Kind Bridal Boutique is – at least for founder Daniela Degrassi – a feat of “gentle activism.” An Italian native and former San Francisco-based wedding photographer with an eye for fashion, Degrassi found elevated health and vitality in adopting the vegan lifestyle just a few short years ago. Troubled by the disconnect between the meat on our plates and the treatment of the animals which provide it, Degrassi committed to a lifestyle aimed at holistically supporting the earth and all of its creatures.

With a connection to the bridal industry and a newfound desire to live more eco-consciously, Degrassi looked for ways to marry her two greatest passions. “Weddings are largely unsustainable,” explains Degrassi, “we spend so much on food, flowers, and outfits – all for just one day!” Yet, while the vegan niche has grown phenomenally in the last year (media outlets are calling 2019 “The Year of the Vegan,” with 25% of Americans ages 25-34 identifying as vegan or vegetarian)  it remains difficult for vegan and plant-based brides to find the focused help and attention they deserve on one of the most important days of their lives.

So, Degrassi threw herself into an entirely new project focused on taking an entirely new approach to wedding planning. quickly became an ultra-popular blog and plant-based/ vegan bridal resource with a growing global directory covering all aspects of wedding event planning. The online community grew faster than Degrassi ever expected and, with clear proof of a growing demand for sustainable wedding planning services, she decided it was high time to take her dream one step further.


This year, she teams up with us at VerteLuxe to offer the world’s first boutique vegan wedding fair and pop-up event. The Luxe and Kind Bridal Boutique will be a full-day affair featuring everything a vegan bride needs to plan her sustainable dream wedding. Browse the top names in vegan fashion and makeup, find the latest resources for planning a conscious honeymoon and meet eco-conscious photographers and wedding planners.

The event will also feature tastings of delicious vegan food, wine, cocktails, and desserts. “It’s time for us to re-invent wedding planning,” says Degrassi, “We need to encourage vegan couples who are scared of judgment or doubtful that a vegan wedding could be impressive. I want to give vegan and plant-based brides a sense of normalcy and being able to find resources with ease while giving brides of every lifestyle something to think about.”

Photo Credit, Kaitlin Vines

Join Daniela Degrassi, the VerteLuxe team, and the greater Los Angeles community at the Luxe and Kind Bridal Boutique, September 8th from 11am-5pm at The Tree House Bel Air, 795 North Beverly Glen Boulevard. Complimentary valet available.

For Tickets and Information, visit us on Eventbrite by clicking this link:

Daniela Degrassi, Founder of The Kind Bride Blog and Community