An Eco Chic Bridal Shower

Spring has sprung and bridal season has begun. It is your duty to make the bride feel as special as she is by throwing her the perfect shower. Host an eco chic shower full of bliss that celebrates the Verte Luxe woman she already is.

Host an Outdoor Shower: The weather is warm, the sun is shining, spring flowers are blooming everywhere. This is the perfect time for an outdoor shower. Without the need for artificial light, you will be cutting down on energy usage, plus you will be using the surrounding florals as part of your decor.

Photo courtesy of via pinterest

Opt for Seed Paper or Digital Invitations: There are many digital services that create lovely custom made invitations, saving loads of trees in the process. If paper invites are a must, go for 100% recycled paper invitations from a source like Minted. Even better, seed paper invitations can be planted after the event and will grow lovely flowers to remember the special day.

Get Local and Sustainable with your Food and Drink: Take a visit to your local farmer’s market a few days before the event to find fresh fruits and veggies. Enhance your table design by creating tasting plates with local vegetables, organic cheeses and fresh squeezed juice for a mimosa bar.

Try a fresh squeezed juice and mimosa bar made with local farm market goodness. Photo via Pinterest

For the dessert, think about organic, farm to table treats or a vegan cake option. Consider packaging left over treats into goodie bags for guests to take home and take any leftovers to local food bank after the shower ends. If you choose to serve wine, find a local winery that serves organic, biodynamic wines. If a local winery is not an option, consider a company like One Hope Wines, who give a percentage of their sales back to charities. This not only helps to keep the carbon footprint low, it is a great topic of conversation for your guests. 

Vindemia Winery in Temecula, CA uses organic and eco-conscious growing practices.

Decorate with In Season Plants: Using plants for decor has a two in one benefit. Plants make for gorgeous decorations that can be planted again. They also serve as an eco conscious option for shower favors. If you do choose to use flowers, try finding locally sourced flowers from the farmers market and make your own bouquets for less waste and more fun.

Succulents make for lovely decor as well as party favors. Pinterest

Create an Eco Friendly Tablescape: Renting glassware and linens is a key element in hosting an eco-friendly bridal shower. Renting creates less waste, allows for an easy clean up and can be used again and again. It also looks classy and clean. If you do go with disposable cutlery and plates, try using bamboo plates, knives and forks for a more sustainable option. Another fun idea is to an eclectic mix of antique china from local thrift stores for a more unique looking table.

Renting Linens and Decor adds an element of class without being wasteful.

Encourage Eco-Conscious Gift Giving: From stunning lingerie, to necessary household items, or the ultimate honeymoon experience…giving “green” gifts has never been easier. Consider sustainably made lingerie, fair trade home goods, or an eco-honeymoon adventure . Whatever the gift, your bride will know that it is helping a greater good.

This sustainable lingerie set from We are HAH is the perfect gift for a bride to be

Make your Favors Count: As the party is winding down and your guests are ready to leave, it is always nice to give them a little thank you. Look for natural handmade soaps, organic beeswax candles or seven-free nail polish in the bride’s color palate. An even more eco-friendly alternative is to donate to a charity in their honor. Your guests will leave knowing that you had the bride and mother earth in mind when planning your lovely soiree.

Cheers to all of our Verte Luxe Brides this wedding season!