eco-friendly wedding

Eco-Alternatives to Top 2021 Wedding Trends

Walking down the aisle this year? Sealing the deal with a kiss is sure to be a magical moment. Yet, all of the preparation that comes before it can be quite stressful (to say the least). So to help you plan with ease, we’re breaking down a few of the biggest 2021 wedding trends – adding our signature Verte Luxe eco-conscious spin, of course.

Below, check out our guide to planning an eco-friendly wedding with sustainable alternatives to the year’s top trends.

eco-friendly wedding

Eat Well, Waste Less

Grazing tables – AKA, giant charcuterie boards – are a beautiful food option for guests to snack on and admire. However, these Pinterest-inspired tables come with a cost: excess food and paper waste. Instead, curate a unique and sustainable menu for your guests. Not sure where to start? Working with an eco-wedding service like Amethyst Event Productions makes the food planning process smooth and fun. They’ll help you create sustainable options for everyone on your big day. (Plus, they’re ready to take care of every other planning detail along the way as well!)

Set the Mood, Sustainably

Set a romantic tone for your reception with the soft glow of candles placed all around the venue. This not only creates an incredible ambiance and aroma, but it’s also an energy-saving alternative to fluorescent overhead string lights. What’s more, choosing an environmentally conscious candle brand like Les Ruches takes the eco-friendly vibe one step further. Made thoughtfully with 100% beeswax, each high-quality candle is hand-poured, toxin-free, and beautifully designed to compliment any decor.

Planning an eco-friendly wedding? We're sharing environmentally conscious alternatives to the biggest wedding trends of 2021.

Make a Lasting Statement

Perhaps the most surprising wedding trend in 2021: an outfit change for the groom. While we want our gents to enjoy their moment to shine, the extra outfit contributes to unnecessary clothing waste. Instead, swap the second suit with a statement-making piece he can wear and cherish forever. Gift your groom a Scarab Ring from Congés ($1,100), which symbolizes transformation and protection. What could be more fitting for your wedding day?

eco-friendly wedding

Upgrade Your Beauty Bag

We love giant theatrical displays as much as the next wedding-goer… but fireworks, smoke bombs, and massive plastic balloons aren’t exactly eco-friendly. So, rather than go BIG with your wedding decor, go deeper into a healthier beauty approach for you and the environment. Invest in a personalized Levō Beauty consultation ($220) for you and your wedding party. In just one hour, brand owners Alex and Vanessa will help you identify toxic products, supplying a list of safer replacements. Look and feel your absolute best with a clean upgrade to your beauty routine.

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