Meet the Eco-Conscious Photographers Who Are Changing the Way We Capture Memories

A guide to eco-conscious wedding photography (what it is and why it matters).

As an ethically-minded bride or groom, you’re looking for sustainable, eco-conscious vendors and suppliers. You want to work with folks who, like you, care deeply about things like waste, social and environmental impact, and carbon emissions. When it comes to choosing a caterer or event venue, it’s fairly easy to see how sustainability ties in. You’d prefer to create as little food and other waste as possible, perhaps feature an animal-friendly vegan menu… 

Eco-conscious photographers and videographers DO exist – and their approach aims to reduce the waste and environmental impact that goes along with their industry.

But what about when it comes to preserving your memories?

What does “sustainability” mean in wedding photography and videography – and is it important? Eco-conscious photographers and videographers DO exist. And their approach aims to reduce the waste and environmental impact that goes along with their industry. Consider the host of chemicals used to coat and develop the photos. Or the deforestation and paper waste that results from the printing and packaging process. And the immediate impact on the environment during the creation of the perfect “natural” background. 

Sustainability is as important to the fields of photography and videography as it is to skincare and fashion.

And, fortunately, finding a professional who is committed to the principles of environmental preservation and eco-impact isn’t nearly as difficult as it used to be. Here, we give you our top picks for your upcoming nuptials or event (some of whom recently joined us at the Luxe + Kind Bridal Boutique in Bel Air, California):

Sarah + Darren Hendry


THE HENDRYS (Photography)- Scottish duo Sarah and Darren (supported by adorable rescue bunnies Hopper and Lopez) are “kinda weird, but in a good way.” Specializing in the “off-beat” and “non-traditional,” their work is self-described as “natural, emotive, creative, and honest.” Learn more about them here.

Evelyn R. Avila

EVE ROX PHOTOGRAPHY – California-based (but ultra-willing to travel), Evelyn R. Avila seeks to “tell a story that is uniquely, stunningly, magnificently you.” Boasting a “sunny-side-up” personality, Eve “leans into natural, timeless tones meant to look as gorgeously of-the-moment today as they will 50 years from now.” Learn more about her here.

Courtney Roberts

WILD IN LACE (Videography) – Courtney Roberts believes “a wedding film is one of the most important investments you can make in your day – once the cake is eaten and the flowers are gone, the only lasting piece will be the memories you created.” Unique and non-traditional in her approach, she strives to make the process as stress-free as possible, “creating films for the wild ones” and “free spirits.” Learn more about her here.

Michelle Ray

MICHELLE RAY PHOTOGRAPHY – Michelle is committed to “sharing epic love stories” while “helping you feel at ease.” Your guide in the “process of capturing your sacred story in an organic and creative way,” Michelle promises plenty of heart and laughter along the journey. Learn more about her here.

Alex Arnold

ALEX ARNOLD PHOTOGRAPHY – Named “The Best of the Knot, 2018 & 2019,” Alex is “a well-traveled artist with an eye for detail.” Along with his fiance, Shannon, he seeks to “capture moments that allow viewers to observe the essence of a space, highlighting elements that create a sense of place in a community, and showcasing unique moments in time.” Learn more about the team here.

Jenny Markham

JENNY MARKHAM PHOTOGRAPHY – Featured on, Jenny “strives to capture the authentic and natural moments” of your special day. An avid cook, world-traveler, and nature-lover, she has an eye for “documenting the unique intimacy” of her clients by building a solid foundation of mutual trust. Learn more about her here.

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