Your Honeymoon Unplugged: How (and Why) to Try This Hot Trend

You know about honeymoons, and you may have heard about spending your vacation “unplugged”… now, experience the unplugged honeymoon. It’s post-nuptial escape meets digital detox. And it’s really nothing new. In fact, the idea of doing honeymoons “off the grid” first surfaced sometime around 2016.

However, over the last four years, technology rushed us at warp speed toward a new frontier of “urgent everything” and “24-hour connection.” As a result, the concept of disconnecting is more revolutionary than ever. And what better time to do so than on vacation with your new husband or wife?  

The Many Benefits of a Digital Detox


The whole idea behind a honeymoon is to connect with and enjoy your spouse. It’s an opportunity to kick-start the process of building a solid foundation for the rest of your marriage. Why clutter it with non-stop social media and e-mail alerts that steal your attention and keep your mind elsewhere?

Plus, stepping away from technology is one way to practice excellent self-care. Research suggests too much time spent with digital devices can disrupt sleep and ramp up stress and anxiety. It can also make it difficult to maintain life balance and (in some cases) even lead to poor mental health.

Hotels That Help You Unplug


That’s why there’s really no better time than on your honeymoon to begin making periodic detoxing a regular practice. Especially when many hotels offer proactive incentives to do so – Bali’s Ayana Resort and Spa, for example, bans the use of smartphones in the pool area. Getaway, which provides upscale rental cabins in the woods, encourages guests to lock away devices in tech boxes. And certain Wyndham Grand resorts extend special perks to guests who store their phones in a locked pouch.

Concerned about missing an opportunity to snap a photo? Try storing your phone or tablet in a designated, secure spot for just a portion of the day. Or keep your phone on airplane mode (so the camera is still accessible) and plan out social media posts when you return home. Technology can wait – a newlywed getaway is once-in-a-lifetime. Make the most of it and try your honeymoon unplugged!   

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