Sustainability Tips for a Memorable Bachelorette Party

One of the greatest parts about getting married – you know, besides finding the love of your life – is hosting a bachelorette party with your best friends. They’ve been by your side through it all, and now it’s time to celebrate before tying the knot. At Verte Luxe, we’re all about Earth-conscious party planning. To help make your bachelorette party as green as it is fun, we’re sharing our go-to sustainability tips for a memorable bachelorette.



If you’ve seen our Green City Series, then you know there are some incredible cities making efforts to protect the planet. Choosing a sustainable location is the first step to making your bachelorette party more eco-friendly. If you plan on flying out of town, offset your CO2 contribution by flying during the offseason. You can also fly climate neutral by contributing to sustainability organizations. If you’re an adventurous bride-to-be, take your eco-conscious party a step further by signing up for a Green Maya Project retreat. There are a variety of women’s group trips that educate about the importance of sustainability while experiencing the beauty of other cultures.


bachelorette party

As much as we love streamers and confetti, these celebratory decorations cause a ton of excess waste. Please, ditch the party favors that will be tossed out! Instead, pack your suitcase with gifts and decorations that can be reused or repurposed. For instance, matching reusable cups are a fun and easy way to reduce your overall plastic consumption throughout the weekend.


Going out for group dinners is a staple in every bachelorette party. Yes, there is a way to enjoy an extravagant dining experience while also being thoughtful about food waste and choices. Research vegan or health-conscious restaurants in the area and, when possible, reduce the amount of food going to waste by ordering sharable dishes!

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