DIY Hair Lightening Tips for Spring

Spring is almost here! With the arrival of a new season, we feel the need to update our look – starting with our hair. Still, we’re not fans of adding chemicals to our routine. So, we’ve gathered these all-natural, chemical-free methods to freshen up your look with DIY hair lightening.

Choosing Your Color

While many shades of white blonde are best suited to the salon, you can still achieve a great deal of lightening at home. In fact, many of the ingredients you’ll need are already in your pantry!


If you’re going blonder this season, mix up equal parts lemon juice or honey and water in a glass spray bottle and apply directly to hair. Then, sit back and relax while the sun does all the hard work.


Feeling a feisty red? Then grab some Henna from your local health food store. This powerhouse natural ingredient contains lawsone, which binds to hair proteins for a healthy upgrade to your current color. Additionally, it can act as a DIY hair lightening agent for black or dark brunette hair.

And speaking of those lovely brunettes: achieve a darker shade with simple ingredients like black tea, cocoa powder, or even coffee. Simply choose one and mix into your conditioner.


Protecting Your Hair

Once you’ve achieved a look you love, protect it with an all-natural cleanser such as Sud Source Moisturizing Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner. We love their guilt-free hair care options made with non-toxic ingredients and stored in plastic-free, refillable containers.

Remember: everyone’s hair is different, so results may vary. Be patient and keep experimenting!

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