How Green Circle Salons Lead by Example

When it comes to our homes and the products we buy, we have a lot of options to choose from. We’re able to make informed decisions, from being able to read product labels for wholesome ingredients to choosing brands that use eco-friendly packaging. And after sitting down with Alex Perry from Status Salon, we’re excited to learn that our favorite establishments are also being mindful of their impact when it comes to beauty and the environment.

What It Means to Be Green

Status Salon Owner JD Davidson

In 2018, San Francisco-based Status Salon Owner JD Davidson decided to seriously strategize and implement green initiatives to create a more eco-friendly salon. Driven to positively impact the world, she also wanted to show patrons a long-term dedication to being green.

This led to Status Salon becoming a certified Green Circle Salon. Green Circle Salons is a certified B-corp agency that helps beauty salons reduce waste. To become certified sustainable, salons must adhere to specific ecological efforts and prove that they are meeting green standards. These standards are not just limited to the types of products being used, either. Rather, salons should be intentional about how to make all aspects of their business more sustainable. 

At Status Salon, you can see that they’ve taken this green mission to heart. In their waiting room, their decor of choice includes repurposed wedding bouquets that would have otherwise been thrown away. They offer drinks in depression-era glassware and have switched out magazines in the waiting area for books. To care for customers, they use high-quality natural beauty products. They’ve also upgraded their salon to be more energy-efficient and water conscious. Although you may not notice all these little details, it’s these decisions that make their salon truly sustainable.

All Around Sustainable Beauty


You can follow the example of Green Circle Salons in your own home by choosing greener products. We love CBD Skincare Co whose organic CBD Infused Shampoo and CBD Infused Conditioner use natural ingredients that both nourish your hair while protecting our waterways ($38 each).


Sud Source is another eco-brand that is on a mission to reduce plastic waste. We can’t get enough of their Moisturizing Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner, available in 8oz, 10oz, and 16oz sizes, plus a variety of tantalizing scents (including scent-free!) They package all of their organic body care products in glass or aluminum. You can reuse and refill them as long as you’d like and, when the time comes, send them off for recycling. They also offer refills in the LA Metro Area and are working towards expanding their refill offerings nationwide.

For more on Status Salon’s effort to go green, visit their blog. Looking for a change in your look this season? Check out our tips for natural hair coloring.