nature-approved styling products

Nature-Approved Styling Products for Glam NYE Hair

New Year’s Eve glam isn’t just about the outfit… it’s also about the hair. But is it possible to get a couture coif without using products that harm you or the environment? Totally! We’ll show you how. Read on for nature-approved styling products that deliver all the allure without the unwanted effects.

1. Start by greening your cleaning.

nature-approved styling products

It’s common knowledge that hair styles better a day (or two, or three) after washing. Still, a greener routine starts with an all-natural clean, like the kind you’ll get with SudSource. Using only organic, earth-derived ingredients, SudSource offers luxuriously Moisturizing Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner. Plus, each eco-friendly formulation arrives in a glass or aluminum container that is easily recyclable or refillable via US mail, helping to cut down on plastic waste. Now that’s a green clean!

2. Slay with all-natural hairspray.

By now, you may have already heard about the damaging effects of aerosol hairsprays on the environment. Yet, even when you turn to non-aerosol alternatives, you can’t escape the danger of potentially toxic ingredients. So, why not try DIY? In less than 20 minutes, you can make your very own all-natural, two-ingredient hairspray using basics you probably already have at home!

3. Shimmer + shine with coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a beloved go-to essential for most fans of “all-natural,” and for good reason – it does (almost) everything! When it comes to hair, coconut oil makes a fantastic split end mender or leave-in detangler. For styling purposes, we love it as a finishing spritz to add extra shimmer and shine. Simply scoop a few spoonfuls into a spray bottle and warm with water to liquify. Also, try coconut oil as an all-natural adhesive when dabbing glitter on your hair or body.

4. Get DIY dry (shampoo, that is).

nature-approved styling products

Dry shampoo is an awesome styling tool that can be used in place of hairspray to add volume. The problem is, most dry shampoo brands feature ingredients we can’t even pronounce… let alone feel comfortable rinsing down the drain. Instead, we rely on this tried-and-true recipe which calls for arrowroot powder (an organic grocery store staple) and cocoa powder (to adjust for hair color). Just mix, apply as you normally would, and feel great about forgoing the unnecessary chemicals.

5. Beachy waves, the natural way.

Call it what you will – Sprunch Spray, Sea Salt Spray, or plain old hairspray – but products that deliver soft, beachy waves are always in fashion. Now, get them without the added toxic ingredients using this super simple, 100% natural recipe. Spray on dry, day-old hair and scrunch using a towel to get a day-at-the-beach style that slays.

This New Year’s Eve, turn over a new leaf by relying on nature-approved styling products for a variety of glam looks. For more natural hair care ideas, check out this post from Keeper of the Home. Get glam, all-natural makeup ideas in our recent blog post: Eco-Conscious Beauty Brands to Liven Up This Holiday Season.