Spring Beauty Regimen: Our Eco-Friendly Top Picks

Prep your skin for summer and spice up your morning routine with these green spring beauty regimen essentials.

While social distancing measures press “pause” on gatherings and events, Mother Nature stops for no one. Days feel longer. Everywhere we look, trees blossom and flowers begin their reach toward the sun. The world around us slowly repairs and regenerates in preparation for warmer weather. So, let’s take our cue from nature and do the same. Try these incredible eco-conscious finds from some of our favorite beauty brands to “green” your spring beauty regimen.

On Board Organic Natural Soap Bars


These colorful, handmade soaps ($4.25 each) soften with a gentle lather of natural coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic olive oil, and Vitamin E. Pamper skin and wake up senses with light aromas of Fresh Eucalyptus Mint, Lemon Verbena, or Pomegranate Mango.

On Board Organic Bikini Line Treatment


A waxer’s best friend – prepare and smooth skin for a romp in the surf, sand, and sun ($9.99 for 2oz). Organic coconut oil and shea butter deeply moisturize while natural Vitamin E and Aloe Vera soothe and calm. This handmade body butter helps prevent post-waxing ingrown hairs, bumps, and irritation.

On Board Organic Aroma Roller


Notes of pear and vanilla “Awaken” new possibilities. Lavender and mint “Energize” and renew. These aromatherapeutic essential oil blends will tantalize your senses and refresh you for spring ($9.99 for 10mL). What’s more, these take-anywhere rollers offer an anytime boost – simply roll onto pulse points and enjoy.

EC30 Face and Body Care


This company offers an ideal eco-sustainable pick while promising a more “enlightened clean” ($29 for 60 swatches). All-natural ingredients paired with aromas of citrus, geranium, and lemon refresh skin for spring. Each single-use swatch dissolves into a rich foaming lather, leaving nothing behind but clean skin. Browse a complete collection of hair, face, and body care – plus certain home care options – crafted without plastic, parabens, phosphates, or bleach.

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